Being a Mets fan is a Test of Will

We have all been here before.  Every Mets season.  You know it is going to happen, most of the times early in the season.  The New York Mets will test your Will to be a fan.

Injuries? Check

Under-performance? Check

Bad Pitching? Check

Bottom of the league in Runs Scored? Check

Excruciating ways to lose games? Check

Questionable Managerial Decisions? Check

So, off the Mets went, on what could have been a season-altering road trip, to battle first place teams in Milwaukee and Atlanta.  The result of that trip was the Mets going 3-5, but not all 3-5’s are made equal.  They went about it in the most Mets way possible.

The Good

  1. Jacob deGrom looking like a God damn Cy Young winner.  Since returning from injury, hes pitched 21 innings in 3 starts to the tune of a 0.85 ERA and a 29/5 K to BB ratio.  Studly.
  2. The young bucks seem to finally be coming around.
    • Amed Rosario – .357/.400/.571 with five runs, four RBI, two walks and two stolen bases.
    • Brandon Nimmo – .333/.444/.733, 7 XBH, 8 R
    • Michael Conforto – .321, 2 HR, 6 BB, 6 R
  3. The offense as a whole has picked up significantly, scoring 39 runs on the eight-game roadie.
  4. Asdrubal (aka Ass Man aka Dru) Cabrera has remained WHITE hot.  Adrian Gonzalez and Joey Bats continue to prove all the doubters wrong.

The Bad

  1. What’s a Mets season without some starting pitcher injuries?!  Thor goes on the 10-Day DL the day before his start with what, right now, looks like a minor finger injury.  Then you have Matz cruising against the Braves when he goes down with what looks like the same injury.  Keith, what are your thoughts on these pussies?middle_finger_featured_2048x
  2. The Bullpen.  My God.  What else needs to be said?  Blevins hasn’t gotten a lefty out all year.  Lugo decided it was a good time to have his worst outing of the season and blow a deGrom gem.  Ramos wasn’t going to let everyone else have all the fun, so he decided to have his own melt-down.  New guys Rhame and Bautista also did their part to blow the game Matz left early in.  Just an all-around shit effort by the pen.  The pen turned what could have been a 6-2 road trip into a 3-5 trip.
  3. Reyes and Bruce.  Both of these vets have really struggled to get going this year.  Reyes has been especially awful, and you have to think once Frazier comes back, that he should get the boot.  Knowing the Mets though, they will send down Guillorme, who has been playing better defense while also hitting the ball.  Bruce will be afforded more time, simply because of his contract, but the boo birds will be out soon if he doesnt start to turn it around.


Mr. Glass-Half-Full Take:

This past road trip went about the same way this Mets season has gone.  Inconsistent.  The Mets were a couple bullpen meltdowns away from a HUGELY successful trip, but with a huge piece in Swarzak coming back next week, there are reasons to be optimistic.  The Syndergaard and Matz injuries look to be minor (believe that when I see it), Yo and Frazier seem to be on the mend and should be getting into rehab games soon.  This team is still, somehow, a game over .500 and it feels like we have gone through 5 seasons worth of drama, heartache, and even a fire at Citi Field (so Mets it hurts; insert dumpster fire jokes).  So, lets hang in there people.  We are a month and a half away from the ASB and still within 4 games of both 1st place in the division and the Wild Card.  Things could be worse (famous last words before things, inevitably, got worse).


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