If this isn’t Rock Bottom….

First, it was losing 2 out of 3 to the then-NL-worst Cincinnati Reds in early May.

Then, it was losing 2 out of 3 to the last place Miami Marlins in late May.

We Met fans were hoping we had reached Rock Bottom each of those times. HA! The Mets then said…..

download (1)

They proceeded to go out and get swept, at home, in a two game series to the MLB WORST Baltimore Orioles.  They scored a whopping 1 run against pitchers who were combined 3-14, with ERAs of 6.80 and 4.46 respectively.

What in the actual shit is going on?  The answer is simple and shouldn’t come as any surprise to Met fans.  The offense has, once again, been nonexistent.  The Mets are now 28th in the league in Runs Scored, ahead of only Miami and Baltimore (see top for who we previously LOST TO).  They have scored 2 runs in the past 41 innings and a grand total of 7 runs during this 7-game losing streak.  Losers of 30 of their last 46 games since their 11-1 start (that start seems like years ago), this team is in a straight free-fall, in what is no longer a small sample size.

The shame of it all?  The team is wasting absolutely brilliant starting pitching from just about every member of the starting staff, and that is without Thor.  The starting staff has an MLB best 1.75 ERA over the last week, yet the team is 0-5.  deGrom, Matz, Wheeler, and heck, even Jason freakin’ Vargas have all pitched their asses off, with nothing to show for it.

Then, you have reports coming out that the Mets have “discussed” dropping Jose Reyes, but are worried they will not be able to have a proper send-off for him after a great career with the team.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? When I see things like this, I still never fail to be amazed about how dumb the Wilpons actually are.  Make no mistake, these decisions all start from the top.

Finally, the Mets had their highest draft pick since 2010, where they drafted Matt Harvey.  With the number six pick, the Mets took a HS bat out of Wisconsin, Jarred Kelenic, who is considered to have the best bat in the draft.  Started off good, but after that, by all accounts, it was an absolute shit show for Sandy.  Again, not surprising, given his draft record and the state of the farm system currently.

Now comes the hard part……..


Mr. Glass-Half-Full’s Take:

Well shit.  I am usually one of the most positive Met fans I know, this side of Rich Coutinho.  You REALLY have to dig deep to find any positives here.  I will CLING to the fact that the starting staff has been absolutely amazing, and with the Bullpen getting Anthony Swarzak back, along with Seth “The Weapon” Lugo back, the pitching has been and should remain a huge strength.

With Frazier making his way back to the lineup and Yo coming back next week (Who wants to bet he has a setback, then later decides to have season-ending surgery. Anybody?), you just have to hope the Yankees series hype gets the Mets bats going until their star is back.

I love Frazier’s attitude, if nothing else.

“I am going to get these guys going, don’t you worry about that. And if they are not going to get going then we have to find somebody else, but they are going to be excited to play against these Yankees coming up, no doubt about it.”

It could get ugly folks.  Just try to hang in there a little longer until we official Cuncel da Season.





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