Checkin’ in on Giants OTA/Mini-Camp


We are at a quiet time in the NFL offseason right now, so there hasn’t been too much to report on.  Having said that, there is ALWAYS something to report when Odell Beckham Jr. is on your team.  The Giants are ramping up team activities with mandatory Mini-Camp today.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but OBJ still doesn’t have a contract (sarcasm off).

Not going to spend a lot of time on this, because Lord knows every single talking head and their mother has already talked about it.  I think what both parties are doing right now is the right way to go about it.

The Giants are in no rush to get the contract done immediately, and why should they be?  OBJ is coming off of a major injury and has not fully proven he is 100% yet.  He has also had a rocky public image, and when you are handing over a monster contract to a player, that can cause trepidation.

On the flip side, we have not heard a peep from OBJ since his infamous Coke and Pizza video (and im not talking about Cola).  He has also attended most of the OTA practices, and now is attending and running drills at Mini-Camp.  Odell is showing up as an act of good faith, and I think that will go a long way with management.

The deal will get done people.  Everyone needs to chill out.  The media keeps playing up this dispute, yet we have not heard anything negative out of either side.

Some other quick notes from OTAs and Mini-Camp:

  • From all reports, Eli Manning and Davis Webb are throwing the heck out of the ball and both seem to be liking the new offense.  What a shocker.  Put these guys in a competent offense with competent players around them, and they look good.  I know, crazy thought, right Jerry Reese?
  • I cant wait to see Saquon Barkley in action when the live bullets are flying around.  By all accounts, nobody has kept up with Barkley on passing routes.  I cant wait to see the Giants in heavy personnel, and a big LB trying to cover Saquon out of the backfield.  Gives me the tingles just thinking about it.
  • Love what I am hearing out of both Eli Apple and Ereck Flowers.  Both former 1st round picks who have underwhelmed, to say the least.  Apple is apparently looking like a stud out there and Flowers seems to be taking to Nate Solder trying to help him out.  If both of these kids can keep their head on straight and perform on the field, it will go a LONG way to making this team better at areas of weakness.
  • Landon Collins and Odell both seem to be recovering from their injuries very fast and look good to go for Training Camp.  Collins has the non-contact jersey off already and Odell is running routes and cutting on the ankle just fine.  All bodes well.
  • First team O-line : Solder, Hernandez, Halapio, Omameh, Flowers.  Love two things about this.  Halapio seems to be making real progress and might be taking over as the #1 C option.  Also, love seeing Hernandez getting first team reps already after starting as a second teamer in OTAs.  Let the Big Dawg eat!


Mr. Glass-Half-Full take:

OBJ’s contract will get done before training camp.  Health provided, I think this offense is in for a monster season.  The likes we have not seen since 2011.  Just get through Mini-Camps and OTAs healthy, and get me to the fucking preseason already.

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