Where do the Mets go now?



Hello fellow Met fans.  We gather here today to discuss a pretty somber topic.  Where the heck do the Mets go from here?

They are currently sitting 10 games under .500 somehow, after starting the season 11-1. For any other team, that would seem remarkable, but this is the Mets we are talking about.  Things like this no longer phase me.  Not after all these eyes have seen over the past 20+ years.

We have no clue if/when Yoenis will ever make it back this season, and it looks like he will, somehow, play less games than he played last year.  He is an immovable piece at 32, with nearly $60 million left on his contract and calling him “injury prone” would be putting it nicely (I have many other choice words for this horrible signing).  Same goes for Jay Bruce, who is owed nearly $30 million at the age of 31, but plays and looks like he is 50.  Then you have “Captain” David Wright, who hasn’t played baseball in 3 years and still has 2 years and nearly $30 million left on his contract that he will most certainly not live out.  Just an astronomical amount of money poured into 3 guys that are giving this team ZERO, neigh, LESS THAN ZERO production over the past 2 years.

The youngsters have been up and down.  Rosario’s first full year hasn’t really gone according to plan, and many will say he is under performing.  Personally, I like what I have seen this year and I see flashes of greatness from the 22-year-old.  Dominic Smith has come up and hit the ball well in his first 11 games.  Nimmo has been playing at an All-Star level for most of the year, so I think we can say he is a major piece to keep moving forward.  Conforto is finally showing signs of turning his season around and I am hoping we continue to see the same for the whole 2nd half.

The pitchers have been, for the most part, performing very well.  This Syndergaard injury shit really needs to stop.  He needs to get back out there and pitch the rest of the season.  Way too many missed games out of the big guy the past 2 years, and he will start to get the “injury prone” tag if this keeps up (granted, none have been arm or elbow related).  Jake has been an Ace and, if he is not the Cy Young leader at the moment, he is a close second.  Matz and Wheeler have been good for most of the season and seem to be on the right track.

So, having said all of this, I have ZERO clue what the Mets should do going forward.  They seem to have a decent core with deGrom, Syndergaard, Wheeler, Matz, Nimmo, Conforto, Rosario, Smith.  They have 2 prospects banging on the door in McNeil and Alonso, who both seem to be hitting in the minors and several good pitchers that are producing down in the minors.  Yet, many fans are calling for a rebuild.  Here are the issues I have with that.

  1.  Who is heading the rebuild? Are we sure we can trust Sandy Alderson, or one of his successors to do a good job, considering this is the 2nd rebuild under their supervision?
  2. Sandy mentioned this before, but just because you rebuild, doesn’t mean you are guaranteed success on the other end.
  3. There are key/young cornerstone pieces already on this team that you can build around.  If you sell these pieces off, more than likely, you will not get back what you have in them.

So, consider me skeptical on this current regime’s ability to go through a successful rebuild.  In the end, you still have the Wilpon’s running the show.  That right there is the root of all of this, and it freakin’ stinks because we can never get rid of them.  Here we are, on pace for back to back 70-win seasons, and nothing appears to be changing.

I say all of that to say this………stick with this core and SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY.   Maybe the sight of an empty park all summer long for the second consecutive summer will resonate with The Coupons (doubtful).  This team has the young talent to turn things around quickly.  Let this year play out, sell off pieces like Cabrera, Familia, Blevins, Bruce (zero chance someone wants to take him off our hands), and see what you have in the young guys.  Then, go out and sign a Machado (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and bring relevancy back to Queens.

Mr. Glass-Half-Full take:

If Thor and Yo don’t come back by early July, you can kiss any chance of getting back to .500 away.  The offense finally seems to be showing some life, which is good to see.  If Thor can come back and you put Lugo back in the pen, you solidify both spots.  If we haven’t reached the point of no return yet, we are damn close.  The Mets need to turn it around quickly, or its going to be yet another long summer in Queens and we will be looking at another Top 10 draft pick (which Sandy and Co. will surely screw up).  Godspeed Met fans, football season is only a few short months away.

And that’s my POSITIVE spin on things…….


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