This is just depressing now

Hi folks! It’s just me.  Mr. Glass-Half-Full.  As Bill Burr always says on his “Thursday Afternoon (just before Friday) Monday Morning Podcast, I am just checkin’ in on you.

Just checkin’ in on you, to see if you were still watching this horrible product they call the New York Mets.  Are you still tuning in?  Are you still even a fan?  I wouldn’t blame you if you answered a resounding “NO” to both.

Our Metsies have now dropped to 35-51, a mere ONE game ahead of the rebuilding Miami Marlins (a team that was TOTALLY gutted of any talent it previously had), while owning a win total that is higher than only THREE teams in the entire league.  I keep thinking this Mets team has hit rock bottom, only to see a new rock bottom come along in subsequent weeks.

There is no getting around this people……this Mets team is flat out BAD.  At this point, they are just playing out the rest of the season and hoping that their few veteran trade pieces play well enough in order to warrant a solid return.

The Mets are hitting .229 and have scored the 3rd fewest runs in the league.  That alone would be bad, but when you couple that with great starting pitching that the Mets seem to be receiving 4 out of every 5 games, it makes it that much worse.  The offense doesn’t even need to be good.  Heck, they don’t even need to be average!  They just needed to be better than terrible, and maybe we are talking about being around .500 right now.  Alas, they are bottom 3rd in just about every offensive metric (and bullpen metric, but don’t even get me started there), and here we are talking rebuild.

On top of the atrocious offense, this team does just about every little thing it takes to win baseball games wrong.  They can’t field, they can’t bunt, they can’t hit situationally (that’s probably not a real word), and they lack any kind of spirit/enthusiasm.  Yet, you have Mickey Callaway spewing bullshit like “they are playing the game the right way” and “the effort is there”.  Mickey, I get that you are managing for your job, and you can put lipstick on this pig all you want, but its still a damn pig.  You aren’t fooling Mets fans.

On top of this all, you still have management benching Dominic Smith, who they need to see play to determine if he is an actual Major League ballplayer, and are playing the likes of Jose Reyes, Jose Bautista (who has actually hit VERY well), and Chris Beck.  Here is a novel concept, if you are 16 games under .500, at least see what you have in the young players and, I dont know, maybe develop one or two of them?! I know, crazy concept.

At this point, the team is closer to a Top 3 pick than it is to the 2nd Wild Card spot.  Play the young guys, bring up Jeff McNeil once you trade Cabrera, and see if you can at least salvage some talent evaluation on pieces moving forward.

Don’t worry people……we only have 76 more games of this…….

Debbie Downer

Mr. Glass-Half-Full Take:

Graspin’ at straws here people.

The one good thing that has come of this season is that the Farm System doesn’t appear to be AS bad as once thought.  The major talent is all below AA for the most part (save for McNeil and Alonso), but the young talent has been producing.  Jarred Kelenic, the Mets 1st Round draft pick this year, has already been promoted due to his DOMINANCE of the Gulf Coast League (hit .413 in 12 games).  Justin Dunn and Anthony Kay, the Mets two 1st Round picks from 2016, have both pitched very well and have been promoted.  Andres Gimenez, Ronny Mauricio, Mark Vientos, and Shervyen Newton, all middle infielders, have all shown out and could be promoted soon.  David Peterson, their 1st round pick in 2017 was also promoted, but is taking his lumps in High A after dominating in Low A ball.

That’s all I got.  Due to the absolute shit show this season has become, these posts will probably be less and less frequent.  I will check back in on youze around the trade deadline (Where the Mets will inevitably get Yo and Thor back and play just good enough ball to miss out on a Top 5 pick.  I am sure of this.).


Signing Out,

Mr. Glass-Half-Full


P.S.  I am TOTALLY against trading Jake and Thor.  Trade Wheeler or Matz if you can net a very nice return, but you simply CANNOT trade two Top 10 pitchers that are cost-efficient and young.

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