The Never Ending Circus that is the Mets

BozoWooooo Baby.  We’re back at it again folks.  I am back to report that we have hit a lower rock bottom!  This is probably the 4th or 5th time I have written those same exact words this year, yet here we are.  The Wilpons and the Mets Front Office have this INCREDIBLE ability to keep messing up over and over again in new, shocking ways.

I honestly don’t even know where to start anymore.  The Titanic is leaking from so many different spots, its hard to know where to begin.  As always though, you know this all starts from the top.  Here is a little rundown of all that went on JUST over the weekend.

  1. The Mets FINALLY got their star slugger back in Yoenis Cespedes on Friday, after missing over NINE weeks of time.  YIPEEEEE HORRRAYYY! Well, hold your horses people, this is the Mets we are talking about.  We cant have nice things.  The Mets lineup card came out the following afternoon, and one glaring name was missing……if you guessed Yoenis’ name, you win.  It was later reported that he was very sore and that he was not going to be in the lineup.  That, my friends, was just the start.
  2. The Cuban outfielder then held a brief interview stating that there was a calcification issue with both of his heels, and that he would need to have surgery to correct this issue.  A surgery, that would take 8-10 months to recover from.  Now, as a Met fan, we are used to this by now.  You can’t help but be numb to all of this shit.  The biggest problem was the noted silence from ANY Met official following this a revelation from their star player.  Did the Mets not know about this injury?  If they  did know about it, why was he allowed to play Friday and why has he not already had the surgery, given that the longer they wait, the more time Cespedes will miss in 2019?  Not until Sunday did Assistant GM John Ricco say that the Mets are aware of the issue and looking at it more seriously.  You literally can’t make this kind of incompetence up.
  3. Next up, the Mets constant miscommunication about what positions their actual      players are playing at.  The Mets have continued to give Jose Reyes at-bats for some reason unknown to anybody watching this team, despite having a hot-hitting  Utility player wasting away in AAA at the age of 26.  When asked about why McNeil  was not up with the big club, Mickey Callaway insisted that McNeil was strictly at      2B and they did not want him playing 3B, because of his “lack of experience” and McNeil being “exclusively a second baseman”.  Mind you, this is the same club that is playing Dominic Smith in LF, who never saw a moment of time at that position at any point of his life before a couple of months ago.  The best part was, the very next night, McNeil was playing 3B for the Las Vegas 51’s (his 12th such start at Third Base this year).
  4. Cespedes also started taking ground balls at 1B, in the hopes that he can preserve his Jack-like (Robin Williams reference) ability to age faster than any other human being alive.  When Mickey Callaway was asked whether Cespedes would be playing 1B with the big league club when he came back, Mickey simply stated that would not be the case and that Cespedes would strictly be playing LF.  The next night, Cespedes started at First Base for the teams minor league affiliate.  In both cases, the organization directly contradicted what their Manager had said the night before.
  5. The Mets traded one of their best reliever in franchise history last weekend, when they traded Jeurys Familia.  Here is what Keith Law had to say about the trade:

    “If the New York Mets are just going to trade their most valuable major league assets for salary relief, rather than to try to improve the club, then it’s time for MLB to step in and force the Wilpons to sell the team, just as the league did with Frank McCourt and the Dodgers. Trading Jeurys Familia for two fringe-at-best prospects is not how any team, regardless of payroll level, should operate in this environment. For a franchise that operates in the largest market in the league to do this — and do so 10 days before the trade deadline rather than waiting for someone to offer a legitimate return — is embarrassing for the Mets and for Major League Baseball as a whole.”

    YIKES.  The Mets received back two prospects that weren’t even in the Oakland Athletics Top 15 prospect list.  This for, arguably, the most talented relief pitcher left on the market, 10 days before the trade deadline.  This was also after the front office said they were going to eat some of Familia’s salary to get back better prospects.  You know how much of Familia’s remaining $3 million was eaten by the Mets to complete the deal?  Zero dollars.  That is $0.00, for those who need to actually see it in number form.  The team received $1 million dollars back in international spending money, which is what the front office is boasting about.  To everyone that knows The Wilpons, this looks like a straight money dump, MUCH like what happened at last years trade deadline.


So, there you have it folks.  ALL of that took place over the past few days.  For most franchises, that would be enough to send fans off a cliff.  We Met fans continue to take it on the chin year after year by these owners.  When will someone save us!?


Mr. Glass-Half-Full-Take:

I literally have nothing left.  My Mets glass is bare and smashed on the ground.  It is amazing, with all of the punishment us Mets fans have taken, that there is anybody left to root for this team.  Mark my words, the Wilpons are going to cause a whole generation of Met fathers and mothers to not let their children be fans of this franchise.  Lord knows that I do not want to put my child through what I have been through the past 20 years.

The only thing I got left to say is PLEASE, for the love of God, do not let this front office trade anybody else of note.  Or maybe that’s what we should want to happen.  Maybe another terrible deal or two will finally cause the MLB to step in and kick these owners out.

The Mets are a rotting fish of an organization.  It is rotting from the head down.


UPDATE #1:  Tim Tebow will miss the rest of the season with a broken bone in his hand.  Not even the God-loving Tim Tebow, the Mets Angel in the Outfield who was one of the few bright spots for this organization this year, could make it through a season intact.  I wish I could say I am shocked.   

UPDATE #2:  Noah Syndergaard is going BACK on the DL after contracting a Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus.  I……I mean…….I just dont know.


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