New York Giants Football. So Damn Close.

It has been a longgggg offseason Giant fans.  We seen a lot of change over the past 7 months.  The Giants have a new coach, a new GM, and a plethora of new players that will help rebuild a culture that became toxic last year.  Lastly, we are waiting on a new contract for #13.

Let me just say a little bit about this.  Everyone needs to calm down about all the antics surrounding these negotiations.  First, Giant fans were up in arms about not hearing about contract talks.  Now, after Mara and Co. came out and said they want Odell back long-term and are opening contract talks, people are now bitching about the initial numbers that were put out by ESPN.  ITS ESPN.  They are just trying to stir up shit and they are so often wrong about reports like this.  Even if those numbers we’re correct (which it was reported they were not), the Giants were not going to start out negotiations with offering Odell $18 million dollars. 

The Giants reportedly offered under Sammy Watkins’ salary as a starting point, which is still Top 5 WR money and not that far off from highest paid.  If anything, bitch about the Chiefs giving Watkins that kind of money, don’t bitch about the Giants starting off at that number.  Those two things can be exclusive.  The Giants started at that number and will come up, and my guess is, Odell’s agent started off at a high number and will come down.  That is how these things work.

OBJ will get paid, and he will get paid TOP WR money.  

Moving on.  The Giants have an actual, real life, football game in TWO days.  I couldn’t be more excited about this, because now we get to see all of these guys live and in action. Below is a list of things I am most looking forward to seeing Thursday night.

  1. We get to see how this new Offensive Line is coming together, which I am still admittedly nervous about.  The line will always take time to gel, especially when you add basically 5 new players to it.  I am hoping this is the reason behind the defensive line dominating.
  2. OR, this defense could actually be legit.  We have been hearing all summer long that this defense is bringing heat all day, every day.  I am excited to see what this Bettcher defense looks like, going back to a 3-4 defense for the first time since Parcells and Belichick were running things.
  3. Probably not going to see a lot of Eli, but I am still anxious to see how he looks.  Odell wont be on the field Thursday (by all accounts, he may not step foot on the field at all this preseason given what happened last preseason and especially with Odell not having a long term contract), so it will be tough to judge Eli.  I mostly just want to see him look comfortable and have command of the offense.
  4. Lastly, but certainly not least, we get to see that bad mamma jamma Saquon Barkley in Blue.  It will be glorious.  Especially for those who have not yet seen what this kid can do on a football field.
Live look at me at 7:00 on Thursday


The Giants also came out with their first unofficial Depth Chart yesterday.  No REAL surprises here outside of maybe Curtis Riley starting at FS.  Still early in position battles, so no need to read too much into this stuff.  What I CAN read into though, is the complete lack of depth at Left and Right Tackle on the Offensive Line, Middle Linebacker, and Cornerback.  Lord help us if one of the starters goes down at those positions.

Other than that, lets get ready to rock.  I am my usual optimistic self right now, and I am very much looking forward to watching this team play under Coach Shurmur and Coach Bettcher.  Especially with how last season ended.  Thursday can’t come soon enough.  Go Big Blue.



Mr. Glass-Half-Full-Take on the season:

Obviously, the keys to this season are health and the Offensive Line.  This offense has all the talent in the world at the skill positions, but as we saw last year, that doesn’t mean a thing if you cant block.  The depth, as I said earlier, is dangerously thin at multiple spots, but that’s why Dave Gettleman was brought in in the first place and why Jerry Reese was fired.

With a tough opening schedule and lack of depth, I still think this team is a year away from being considered a REAL contender.  Having said that, if they stay healthy and the offensive line gels, and the defense plays up to their talent level, this team can be a threat to make the playoffs.  Give me 8-9 wins this season, and I will consider it a success.


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