Preseason Game 2 – Let’s Overreact


Hello again Big Blue fans.  How are we feelin’ on this Monday Morning?  I don’t know about where you all live, but up here in Northern New Jersey, it’s starting to feel like football weather outside.  I am talkin’ 70’s with a hint of fall football smell in the air.  I, for one, couldn’t be more excited about this.

Enough of the chit chat though.  Let’s get in to what transpired last Friday in Detroit.  After a week of practices against the Matt Patricia-led Lions, the Giants took to Ford Field and put a good, old-fashioned ass whooppin’ on the Lions.  Just like I mentioned in last week’s post though, I am going to try to not overreact (while simultaneously reacting to everything I see).  I am not going to overreact to Davis Webb’s bounce-back performance and anoint him as “The Future”, nor will I overreact to Alec Ogeltree getting SMOKED again for a long gain in the passing game.

Here are a couple of general REACTIONS to the game though.  Some good, some bad, some gross.

  1.  As I mentioned last week, Webb needed a strong performance Friday night.  If nothing else, he needed this to stave off Kyle Lauletta for the back-up spot.  What we saw Friday was a QB that looked more calm and poised than he did in his first performance against the Browns.  Webb knocked the rust off to lead multiple scoring drives, and made several nice throws (specifically the 3rd and long completion to Sterling Shepard to pick up a first down).  This is the Davis Webb we heard about all spring and summer, and it was nice to see him look good.
  2. Wayne Gallman has been the Giants’ MVP on the offensive side after these first two Preseason games.  The kid looks like he can do it all and he seems confident in everything that he does at the Running Back spot.  Gallman WILL be the #2 running back in this offense.  Jonathan Stewart continues to look like he is carrying the entire 90-man roster on his back.  This signing looks worse by the day, but the Giants can’t compound the bad signing by feeding Stewart anything other than short yardage and goal line snaps.  Further down on the RB depth chart, Rutgers guy Robert Martin needs to be the #4 back.  Dude looks explosive AF.
  3. The Russell Shepard/Cody Latimer battle is one of the better ones to watch for the #3 WR position.  Both players look like they bring different things to the table that will help the offense.  I don’t think this position is as much of a problem as I did earlier this year.
  4. The offensive line continues to be a work in progress, but I think this OL is already be better than last year’s.  The right side with Flowers and Omamhe is a problem, and the Giants need to look at adding another RT to the roster before Week 1.  This unit will have another good test this week versus the Jets, and they need all the reps they can get before Week 1 to continue to gel.
  5. The defense looked great IMO.  Bettcher is creative with his schemes and the Giants seem to have some talent at the OLB spots to get pressure.  Vernon (OV), Romeo Okwara, rookie Lorenzo Carter and new-comer Kareem Martin all flashed great pass rush.  For the second game in a row, the run-defense looked GREAT.  I think that is one thing we can count on being good/great going into the season.
  6. For negatives on defense.  Ogeltree getting cooked again, this time by an RB.  Looks like Bettcher is either going to have to scheme ways to not allow for Ogeltree to be caught in space, or Ogeltree will just not be able to see the field much on passing downs.  NOT a great look for that trade so far, but there is plenty of time to get that figured out.  Also, the DB depth again is worrisome.  That spot, along with the RT spot, needs to add some talent if someone shakes loose.  Wouldn’t hate the Giants also looking at a FS upgrade, as nobody has stepped up in that spot either.
  7. Aldrick Rosas cemented his spot as the starting kicker with a great game.  Had a 55-yard bomb that he could have hit from 60.  Nice to see a bounce back from the young guy, but still have to see him do it in a pressure situation.


That’s all I got from last week folks.  Nice to see a Giants team able to move the ball consistently, get a bunch of First Downs, and put together a 9 minute Touchdown drive.  Haven’t seen anything like that, or a 30-point game since the Coughlin days.


Mr. Glass-Half-Full’s Take:

Boy was that a beauty.  I know it’s only preseason, but that was the best I have felt after watching the New York Giants in a LONG time.  Trying so hard to not overreact here, but I truly feel like we got a good one in Coach Shurmur.  The way he handles his business, from top to bottom, just makes me feel comfortable.  Basically, he is the opposite of Ben McAdoo in just about every aspect.  That, my fellow Giant fans, is a GREAT thing.

Now, on to the Jets game.  This game is always a battle and a last dress rehearsal for the starters before Week 1.  Would love to see Barkley and OBJ on the field for at least 1-2 possessions before shutting them down until September 9th, but that might be asking a lot.  Just stay healthy and continue to progress.

Go Big Blue.


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