Giants Tids and Bits

Hello Gmen fans! Welcome back to another EXCITING preseason article!  Don’t worry people, we are getting close.  Pretty soon, we’ll be talking about the real thing here.  In a mere Phil Simms amount of days (that’s 11 for those of you counting at home), the Giants will be taking the field against the BOAT (Best Of All Time) Blake Bortles.

Enough about the Jaguars right now though, let’s get to Tids and Bits.


1) Let’s chat about the news of the week, Odell Beckham Jr..  Our star has finally been locked up long term!  I was a couple days off on my prediction of when this would get done (I thought it would happen before the 3rd Preseason game), but the way the Giants operate, this was always going to get done before Week 1.  Dave Gettleman and John Mara had a timeline, and they stuck to it.  The terms of the deal were $95 million dollars ($41 Guaranteed and $20 million for the signing bonus) for a 5 year extension.  Personally, I think this was as close as you could get to a win-win contract agreement.  The Giants technically made OBJ the highest paid Wide Receiver ever.  On the flip side, a lot of pundits agree that the Giants did VERY well for themselves.  This was not an overpay, yet all sides are very happy.

Just to speak on Odell a bit, I think he looks like a much more mature version of himself.  He did everything he needed to to get a new contract, and played the whole situation perfectly.  Most of his issues have come on the field, so we have to see progress there as well, but he has come off very well this whole offseason, and I couldn’t be more pleased as a fan.  He also sounded great at his first press conference since the signing.

The smile of a rich man

2) The Giants beat the Jets last Thursday in their 3rd preseason game.  Nothing special to report about here, outside of Eli throwing the ball well.  That is without Odell and Saquon Barkley, so it will only get better.  The Giants are heading into the season with some question marks still on the right side of their offensive line and the defensive backfield.  With cut down day being this Saturday, I assume more people will be added to both spots to hopefully gain some more depth, if nothing else.  The main thing is, this team is relatively healthy.

3) I say “relatively” because, Olivier Vernon went down in practice early this week with what is being called either a high-ankle sprain or a very deep bone bruise (depending on who you are getting your information from).  This is NOT great for two reasons.  First, OV was having a MONSTER camp and preseason and was expected to be the Giants most consistent pass rusher this season.  Vernon missing any time, and it looks like he will miss at least some time, doesn’t bode well for a team that is weak in the secondary and NEEDS a good pass rush.  Second, when OV comes back, let’s just hope he is 100% healed, because these type of injuries can linger.

4)  The Beckham signing works two fold.  Yes, the Giants have their star back, but, it also helps to free up some cap space for this year.  That, coupled with the trade of Brett Jones, has freed up a much-needed $5-6 million dollars of cap space.  As a team strapped with cap space right now, that is a better number to be at before more cuts happen this Saturday.  I’d be shocked if the Giants didn’t make at least a few more moves before the season starts.


There you have it folks.  Now we play the waiting game until September 9th.  With Saquon Barkley back at practice and Odell Beckham Jr. signed and ready to go, how can you not be hyped?


Signing out until the real bullets start flying,

Mr. Glass-Half-Full

Go Big Blue.



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