Week 6: The Sky is Most Definitely Falling



Hey y’all!  Did you miss me?  Your boy Mr. Glass-Half-Full aka NYSpawtsGuy got hitched a couple weeks back and spent the last 2 weeks south of the border down in Mexico.  Man, do I wish I could have stayed there and watched Soccer (or as they like to call it, the real FUTBOL) for the rest of my days.

In my absence, the Giants lost 2 games, both in excruciating fashion.  The Carolina game was excruciating in a good way, as the Giants fought back from a deficit, showed some fight, and simply had their hearts ripped out by another last second 60+ yard FG and some horrible officiating.  That, is a loss I could deal with, and one that I hoped would springboard this offense/team into better things going forward (HA!).

The Eagles game was excruciating in the worst kind way.  Both sides of the ball looked listless and uninterested in playing for, what at the time was, a real chance to save the Giants season.  The offense…..shit.  The defense…..shit.  Special Teams……shit.  Just a total shit show from start to finish, starting with Eli Manning’s interception on the 2nd play of the game which set the tone for the rest of the game.  Why in GOD’S NAME would you try to force the ball to your 3rd string TE that deep in your own territory!? On 2nd and short!? WHY!?

It just looks like the same old stuff from a Giant team that we have seen for the past 7+ years.  Losing the game in the trenches, zero effort or passion, and getting blown out on national television.  This one felt like 2013-2017 all over again (2016 was clearly a fluke).

Quite honestly, I am getting sick of the whole nation getting to watch how bad our team is time and time again.  Don’t worry though, we have another prime time game this week against the Falcons on Monday Night!  YIPPPEEEEEEE! Thank God the whole nation get see us put up 13-17 points again and set up a whole new round of Eli Face memes!  Lord knows we haven’t seen enough of both.

Furthermore, you get the news the other day that Odell thinks Eli sucks (he’s not wrong) and that he’s not exactly happy in New York.  Tell me Odell, if you weren’t happy in New York, then WHY THE FUCK would you sign a 5-year extension to stay here?  Listen, nothing OBJ said in the ESPN interview was wrong, but if you want to call yourself a “leader” of this team, you can’t put the whole franchise on blast on ESPN.  OBJ called out everyone, from the coaching, to Eli Manning, to the rest of his teammates for not being passionate enough.  Odell was forced to apologize to the team (which he later rescinded) before the Carolina game, then our “leader” went back to his old antics of screaming on the sidelines and was seen walking into the locker room before the Giants final possession of the 1st Half against the Eagles.

Call this a hot take, or call it something else, I don’t care.  If the Giants don’t win both of these next 2 games (and nothing we have seen thus far suggests that they will), every high-priced player or player in the last year or two of their contract should be on the trade block.  That list of consists of names like Eli Manning, Olivier Vernon, Janoris Jenkins (who looks like he flat out DGAF anymore), and yes, Odell Beckham Jr..  This New York Giant roster has been top-heavy for way too long now.  The Giants need draft capital and they need it bad.  They traded one bad contract in JPP, and there needs to be more that follow.

I believe that Dave Gettleman is the right man to do the job.  With time, he can turn this roster around, but there is just too much dead weight right now.  Too many of the teams highest paid players are not living up to their contracts.  The biggest culprit right now, unfortunately, is Eli Manning.

If you have read any of my writing, talked Giants with me, or know me at all, you know that I am one of Eli Manning’s biggest supporters.  So, it is not easy for me to come to this conclusion.  This has to be Eli Manning’s last year in a New York Giant uniform.

For a Quarterback to be paid $21 million dollars a year, you need that guy to be your team’s best player.  While I know that most, if not all, quarterbacks playing behind this offensive line would struggle, there comes a point where the highest paid player on your team needs to step up and make plays.  Against teams with an above average pass rush, Manning simply cannot make plays anymore.  Not without great protection.  I mentioned this before, but this a perfect shit storm.  Bad offensive line play and immobile QB.  This thing has been doomed from the start, and it doesn’t matter how many playmakers you have.

Gettleman was not going to be able to fix this offensive line in one year, and the hope is that the next quarterback the Giants throw out there next year will be playing behind a further improved and capable OL.  With the Giants being up against the salary cap, and much work to do improving the overall roster, I just don’t think Manning will be around to see that improved line.  6 Touchdowns to 4 Interceptions in 6 games simply is not going to cut it in today’s NFL.  Eli looks slow to react and scared, and he simply doesn’t have the arm strength or awareness to make big plays happen like he used to.  Manning is hearing footsteps, whether they are real or not, and the rest of his game is suffering because of it.

As for the other guys, I just don’t see enough from the high-priced/talented guys on the defensive end to warrant their salaries.  Salaries that they earned because Jerry freakin’ Reese drafted so terribly, that he needed to overspend in free agency.  Landon Collins has been a shell of his 2016-self and if he comes in next off-season asking for Top Safety money, the Giants should let him walk.  The guy simply hasn’t been a game changer in 3 out of the 4 years he has been in the league.  Janoris Jenkins seems to be disinterested in playing football and too often looks to be giving less than 100% effort.  He is playing nowhere near his 2016 level.  “Snacks” Harrison has been his usual stud self in the middle, but he is purely a run-stopper and the Giants defense is letting up 121 yards a game (8th worst in the league).  You have to wonder if that money would be better spent elsewhere.

I’m not even going to bother reviewing the Eagles game from last week, as I don’t want to relive that terrible experience with you again.  What I will say about that game is that it could just be the start of an ugly downfall that will ultimately lead to the end the Eli Manning Era.  Much like they did to Tom Coughlin, John Mara and Co. let Eli Manning down.


Mr. Glass-Half-Full Take:

I don’t care what you think about the 2018 draft anymore.  I really don’t.  The Giants drafted, by far, the BEST player in the 2018 class, and if he stays healthy, one of the better Running Backs to enter this league in a very long time.  This team needs to jump on Saquon Barkley’s back the rest of the way, because he is an absolute stud.  He effortlessly gained 229 yards from scrimmage when the rest of the Giant offense was doing jack shit.  Barkley was 1 yard away from becoming the first Giant ever to rush for 100 yards and have 100 yards receiving.  Saquon is doing all of this behind a below-average offensive line and shoddy QB play.  It’s incredible to think that this guy might only be scratching the surface.

Manning absolutely needs to show something this Monday against a WEAK Atlanta defense that was just lit up by Jameis Winston.  The Giants will be playing their 2nd Prime Time game in a row, and the national media will be all over Manning if he throws up another stinker.  Judging by Eli’s inconsistent play this year, and the lack of pass rush Atlanta has, I wouldn’t be surprised if Eli had a good game.

Having said that, it is the defense that truly needs to step up.  They looked totally flat in what was a HUGE home game last week against a good Eagles offense.  They are going up against an arguably better offense in Atlanta Monday night and it could get ugly if they put up a similar performance to last week’s.  Bettcher needs to get this side back on track.

Lastly, Pat Shurmur needs to put together a better game plan than he did last week.  There was zero creativity last week and it looked like we were watching a McAdoo-led offense.  If Shumur and Shula can’t get this offense turned around quickly, its going to be a long 3 months to end the season.

If the Giants can’t turn it around on Monday Night, we are looking at an all-too-familiar sight.  Empty seats at MetLife Stadium and the New York Giants’ season being over before Halloween.  Show some damn pride and step up in a big game for me…ONE TIME.


To better times,

Mr. Glass-Half-Full


Go Big Blue



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