Giants Week 7: Let the Fire Sale begin!


One might be asking the questions right now, after seeing my recent New York Giant and Met posts:

“Why does this guy call himself Mr. Glass-Half-Full? The moniker doesn’t seem to fit!”

“This guy is a fraud and is as negative as the rest of the clowns out there!”

I assure you New York fans, I am trying so damn hard.  I am trying to find the glimmer of hope and positivity that us New York fans need.  It’s been a tough last decade for most of us.  Unfortunately, it looks like this tough stretch might continue for a bit longer.

I am not going to go into Monday Night’s game, as we have all seen this shit show before.  The Giants offense continued to show that they are one of the worst in the league against the worst defense in the league.  With stars like Barkley and OBJ, Eli and Co. we’re only able to muster up 6 points deep into the 4th Quarter.  They are officially the joke of the NFL.  The defense held for long enough until it ultimately ran out of gas.  They couldn’t get a stop when they needed to and featured zero pass rush when they needed it.  Lastly, I seriously don’t understand how EVERY kicker turns 55+ yard field goals into chip shots when the play the Giants.  It’s getting ridiculous now.

What I need from you, fellow Giant fans, is to show some patience.  I know, that is asking a lot from a franchise that has given us a TON of losing seasons in the past 7+ years.  The Giants and Dave Gettleman tried to field a winner this year.  Despite many years of TERRIBLE drafting and terrible free agent signings that preceded this year, the Giants tried to patchwork this team together to make it into a contender (LOL).  They hinged all of their hopes on two good minds in Shurmur and Bettcher.  They hoped that Eli had something left (LOL) and that this rebuilt offensive line could at least be league average(LOL).

Welp, guess what?  It didn’t work. Eli looks like he is mentally cooked.  The biggest problem with Eli is that he does nothing exceptional anymore.  To be an above average QB in today’s NFL, you need to be able to do at least one thing very well.  Eli Manning no longer has a strong arm.  Whatever mobility he had has long since been gone (never had much to begin with, but at least in the past he could allude a pass rush).  He also no longer has the gun-slinger mentality that led to a lot of interceptions, but also led to a ton of big plays and great moments.  He still has a mind for the game, but he has no trust in himself or the offensive line.  There is no guarantee that Dave Gettleman will have this line fixed by next year, and with Eli’s huge salary, there is just no reason to keep him around anymore.  Unless you are paying Manning to be a mentor next year, in another rebuilding year, the Giants will need to end what was a great relationship for nearly 15 years.  The end is always hard, but John Mara needs wise-up and stop catering to the Manning family.

The offensive line is only marginally better (at best) then previous years.  Solder has not been as advertised and rookie Wil Hernandez has looked like, well, a rookie.  The Center, Right Guard, and Right Tackle positions need to be turned over.  We all knew this.  The patchwork moves have NOT worked.  Gettleman is good at finding lineman, so I truly think that next year this line will be a lot better.  This was NEVER going to be a one year fix.  People need to come to grips with that and stop blaming Gettleman for not being a miracle worker.

Pat Shumur is not absolved in all of this.  He made a ton of questionable decisions on Monday Night vs the Falcons.  Most notably calling for consecutive QB sneaks from Eli freakin’ Manning with the game on the line and no timeouts left from the one yard line.  I mean, has Shumur seen Eli do ANYTHING athletically to warrant those calls at that point in the game?  With THAT offensive line? At this point, and I have no real evidence to back this up, Shumur seems to be all-in on throwing this mess at Eli’s feet.  I can’t say that I blame him either.  Someone needs to take all of this heat, so it Midas Whale be the 37-year-old QB who is on his last leg.

So, where does that leave us?  Dave Gettleman and the Giants front office have waved the White Flag.  Some say this should have started last offseason, but I say, better late than never.  The Giants have already traded Snacks Harrison and Eli Apple for a 4th and 5th round pick in next year’s draft and 7th in 2020.  This team has SO many holes that it needs to start filling through the draft.  Janoris Jenkins may be next on the chopping block, so I do not think the fire sale has ended just yet.

Guys like Landon Collins, and one of Evan Engram or Sterling Shepard should, unfortunately, also be on the trade block due to their talent and cheap contracts.  People will also kill me for this, but Odell Beckham might need to go on the block as well come this offseason.  If you saw what the Raiders got for Amari Cooper, who is a bum I might add, it has to make you drool about what the Giants could get for OBJ.  I am not advocating for giving him away, I am simply saying if you are offered a haul, you have to seriously think about it.  He is not the reason the culture is what it is right now around the Giants, but he is certainly not absolved of being one of the causes for it.

Just a quick reminder of what has put the Giants in the current position that they are in today:

I mistakenly added in Saquon Barkley to that tweet, but that stud belongs to Dave Gettleman’s record.  Which makes Reese’s draft history look even worse.  By the way,  I still maintain that the Barkley pick was the right pick.  If the Giant’s drafted a QB last year, this year would have most likely been a wasted year of development for the QB behind this horrific Offensive Line.  You have a star in Barkley that will only get better as you improve the OL in front of him.  Whoever you draft as the next future QB for this franchise in either in 2019 or 2020 will thank you 10 times over for having Barkley behind them.  Stop dwelling over the Barkley pick people.

In the end, it looks like its going to be another 2nd half of the season of empty seats for John Mara and Steve Tisch.  The culture needs to be changed around here, and it needs to be changed fast.  We are in the midst of another dark age in New York Giants football.  We’ve officially become one of the worst teams in the league over a long stretch.  We are now stepping into Browns territory, and that ain’t being dramatic.


Mr. Glass-Half-Full Take:

The New York Giants are going through a much overdue rebuild.  I know it’s hard, but you have to have faith that this current Front Office can turn this around come 2020.  Yes, I said 2020.

There are indications that Justin Herbert (#suckfortheduck) might not be coming out in next year’s draft.  That is not good for the New York Giants, as he is by far the best QB prospect and doesn’t leave a whole lot in the way of franchise QBs for the 2019 draft.

What the Giants should focus on is building up the team around the quarterback position in so that when the very good QB Class of 2020 comes around, they can insert a rookie QB into a good spot where they will not need to carry the team.  Fix both the offensive line and the defensive front 7 in 2019.  Find out what you have in Kyle Lauletta starting this year and maybe next.  Try to sign Teddy Bridgewater as a stop-gap.  Let all of the big contracts walk out the door and/or trade the rest.

This team has not fielded a complete roster in SO long.  Dave Gettleman has what seems like a very good 1st draft class.  He will have more high draft picks to work with next draft, and let’s hope he can continue to build this team with good, cheap youth.  Improve the depth and then you can add on a big Free Agent signing or two in 2020.

Im here for the rebuild.  #BombforBosa

Signing Out,

Mr. Glass-Half-(barely)Full



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