Quick Thoughts on NY Spawts

As Bill Burr likes to say on his Thursday Afternoon (Just Before Friday) Monday Morning Podcast, I’m just checkin’ in on you.  Just checkin’ in to see if you guys are still paying attention to all things New York spawts. Things have been fairly rosy lately, considering what we have seen recently from our teams.  The Giants finally picked up their 2nd win in a nail-biter in SF Monday night.  The Rangers are (somehow) tied for 2nd place in the Metro Division.  The Mets are talking like they are going to be spending money this offseason (believe THAT when you see it).  So, things have been worse in Mr. Glass-Half-Full’s spawts life. Just wanted to talk little bit about each team and how each is fairing in my (very own)  NY Spawts stock market.  If I left your team out, it’s probably because I haven’t watched enough of them to have an opinion, so don’t fret.    
  1. Giants: Stock Up – Eli Manning and Odell Beckham led the Giants to their 2nd win of the season.  Manning completed his 36th Game-Winning Drive to put a capper on what was a surprisingly fun game.  Manning wasn’t perfect, Odell was great, and Saquon did his usual thing in gaining 100+ yards from scrimmage.  Some Giant fans are pissed because the win all but clinches the Giants not getting the #1 pick, due to Oakland looking like a bad college team. I say boo-fuckin’-hoo.  It’s nice to get a win every once in awhile, and this team, as it currently stands, is still in line for a Top 5 pick.  Some calm you tits and enjoy a W every once in awhile.  It will be interesting to see if they can stack back to back wins/good offensive performances together against a bad Bucs team.  Most likely, the Giants will win Sunday, give you a bit of hope going into the Eagles game on Nov. 25th, and get crushed to end all things positive.
  2. Rangers: Stock Up – Second place in the Metro in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year.  Who saw this coming? Shut up.  You didn’t.  I didn’t.  Nobody did.  Hank is playing great and is probably the biggest reason this team is where it is right now.  For all of you who wanted that Top 3 pick, you can blame Hank for being too loyal.  It looks like whatever buttons Quinn is pressing are the right ones, as he has developed these young guys and he is getting production from just about everyone right now.  Don’t know which direction this goes from here, but I am loving what I am seeing right now out of the Blueshirts.  Hank moved up to 7th Place All-Time in Goalie wins.  Give this guy a round of applause!
  3. Mets: Neutral – BVW is saying all the right things so far.  We are hearing talks about the Mets bulking up the bullpen. They are talking about adding something to the Catcher position.  They have even briefly talked about adding a big bat (SHOCKING).  That is all well and good, but until we see The Coupons opening up their wallet and (reluctantly) giving money to high-priced Free Agents, I’m not going to hold my breath. It’s also nice to hear that they are going to open up extension talks with Jake deGrom, who should be announced as the NL Cy Young today.  So help me God if he doesn’t win…..LOOK OUT VOTERS.download-62
  4. Nets: Stock Up – The Brooklyn Nets, much like the Rangers, were supposed to be in a rebuilding year.  With the rights to their own 1st Round pick for the first time since the Clinton Administration, they were supposed to be in contention for one of the Top 5 players coming out of the draft.  Well, they have messed around and played above their heads to a 6-8 record.  Coach Atkinson has got his system in place and has done a FINE job developing his players.  Nice to see them playing good ball.  Side Note: Caris LaVert, who is arguably been the Nets best player this year and has really broken out, had a GRUESOME injury last game.  I am talking Shaun Livingston/Kevin Ware type gruesome.  It’s a damn shame because he was playing so great and the team was playing great because of it. Good news is the injury was somehow not as bad as it looked and he will not require surgery.  There are even talks about him coming back this season after rehab, which is absolutely mind-boggling.  Science, huh?                            Link of injury if you are into that type of stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmlwEurYpCg
  5. Knicks: Stock Down – At 4-10, the New York Knicks are doing what the Nets should have been doing.  They are well on their way to a Top 5 pick, and there is a good chance they will be landing one of the stud one-and-done Duke players coming into next year’s draft.  With KP (Kristaps Porzingis for all the non-Knick fans) looking good on his recovery, there are brighter days ahead.  I wouldn’t rush KP back at all, as there is no point and would be counterproductive to getting a top pick.  You have a good coach at the top in Fizdale and we are seeing good things out of Allonzo Trier and Kevin Knox lately.  Both should get a ton of PT going forward along with Franky Ntilikina (I will never not have to look up that name).
  6. Jets: Stock Down – Erase that Bills game from your memory Jet fans (what I’ve done with this whole Giants season).  That is all you can do at this point.  Todd Bowles is on his last legs and the only reason he is around is to play out the season.  I think the Jets will be fine with Sam Darnold, as he is looking like he is hitting the proverbial Rookie Wall as a QB.  We have seen this before with first year signal callers and he will be better because of it. The Jets, much like the Giants, will have a Top 10 pick and they need to rebuild both lines.  Their offseason has Le’Veon Bell written all over it, and with Darnold, Bell, and a decent O-Line, the Jets could be back in business very quickly.  They have talent on defense and a TON of money to spend.  They will need to make the right decision on the next Head Coach, so that will be one of, if not THE biggest decisions going forward.  Just have to struggle through these last few months Jet fans.  We are in this together!
That is all for today.  If you don’t hear from me soon, it’s probably because I am too full from stuffing my face with turkey on Thanksgiving (this guy’s favorite holiday) and drinking copious amounts of booze over the next week or so.  I’ll check back with you guys soon though, don’t you worry!  Enjoy the start of the Holidays you crazy kids. Love you Guys and Gals, Mr. Glass-Half-Full

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