It’s a Hump Day. So, Let’s Talk 12 to 6.

Hello everybody and welcome back.  Figured I’d drop in on you guys and see how everyone is feeling about the state of their current teams.  Just kidding, I am going to tell YOU how I am feeling about YOUR team.  That’s why you are here, right?  (sarcasm off)

Being that it’s Hump Day, we are going to use the ol’ 12 to 6 approach (Hint: I am not talking curveballs here).  If your team is performing well and things are on the up and up, you get a 12.  If your team is shitting the bed and things are going south, you get a 6.  If you can’t figure out how “12 to 6” relates to Hump Day, then you need to find yourself a man (and if you don’t have a man that can get it to 12, find another one; if you are one of those men……viagra?).

Anywho, lets proceed:

The 12’s

The New York Football Giants – Fresh off a 40-16 beating of the “R” words, the Giants are now winners of 4 of their last 5 games.  SOMEHOW, they still have an outside shot at making the playoffs if they win out and get a ton of help (see below).

INSERT JIM CAREY “So you’re telling me there’s a chance” GIF

The offense is finally starting to resemble what Shurmur and Gettleman envisioned going into this season.  Shurmur has officially turned the keys to the offense over to Saquon Barkley and he has NOT disappointed.  He has run for 538 yards in his past 4 games to go along with 6 TDs (2 receiving).  That, in turn, has allowed the passing game to succeed and with Manning taking a back seat, the has thrown for 10 TDs to only 2 INTs in the past 5 games.  If not for a 2nd Half collapse against the Eagles 3 weeks ago, this team would have a LEGIT shot at the playoffs and would be on a 5-game winning streak, but I’ll save the negativity for the other guys.  Happy with this progress and Shurmur and Co. deserve a TON of credit for keeping this team together and having them play very well since the Bye.  Good test coming up to close the season with the Titans, Colts, and Cowboys all above .500 and all fighting for playoff positioning.  

The New York Jets – Sam Darnold is back y’all.  Darnold being back is the single best news the Jets have gotten recently and in what is a lost season, every rep Darnold takes as the starting QB matters.  Darnold had a decent game last Sunday against the Bills, but led a HUGE 4th Quarter comeback to get the Jets a W in a tough place to play against a tough defense.  You like to see that kind of stuff out of the young man, and it is why I always felt that he had the “it” factor.  He makes things happen when you need them the most, and you have to love that as a Jet fan.  The Jets have a tough slate to end the season, so the best you can hope for is Darnold to play well in this final stretch while taking some losses to secure a Top 5 pick.  It is probably too late for Bowles to save his job, but you want to see the young talent the Jets have close on a high note.

The 6’s

NY Professional Basketball Teams – Both the Knicks and the Nets have been struggling lately.  The Knicks have lost 6 out of their last 7 games while the Nets have lost 8 out of their last 10.  Personally, I still like where each team is going in terms of coaching and developing players.  Both teams SHOULD be gunning for Top 5 picks, and seem to still be on that pace (the Nets are a little further behind in that sense, but since losing Levert, they are catching up).   Each team has seen some good things from their young players (i.e. Kevin Knox, Ntilikina, Jarrett Allen, D’Angelo Russell, etc.), but on the whole, this will be a long season for both.

Tri-State Area Hockey Teams – The Rangers have dropped back down to Earth after what was a great first 20 games.  They have lost 6 out of their last 8 and seem to be holding the fort together with sticks and crazy glue (and Henrik Lundqvist).  The injuries have started to take their toll and this young team should still be focused on rebuilding rather than making the playoffs again.  The Devils check in at last place in the Metro, having lost 10 of their last 12 games.  Their defense is a mess (much like the Rangers) and they have taken a major step back this season after their solid 2017.  The Islanders are right in the thick of things with the Rangers, but have also lost 5 out of their last 7 games.  The Offense and Power Play seem to be the Islanders undoing and they would like to have seen more goals by Matt Barzal by this point (3 goals to his name 29 games into the season).  

As for the Mets and Yanks, there hasn’t been too much to discuss so far during the MLB Winter Meetings.  Both have seen their fair share of rumors, but nothing has materialized of note, unless you want to discuss JA Happ (which I dont).  The MLB really needs to figure out how to keep fans interested in their sport during the offseason.  The NFL and NBA do such a good job of this, and it is part of the reason why their sports are so popular.  Their news cycles and player moves rarely sleep during the offseason.  The past 2 MLB offseasons have been absolute snoozefests.  Nothing to get excited about at all.  Figure it out baseball.

That’s it for this week folks.  Hoping to have some good news to report next week with another Giant win and some Mets signings/trades.  Until then, peace out.

-Mr. Glass-Half-Full

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