Jeff Wilpon Thinks We Are a Bunch of Idiots

Hey Met fans, Jeff Wilpon thinks we are a bunch of idiots.

That’s the only explanation for his comments today. I really hope, for Jeff’s sake, that this is what he is thinking, otherwise, he has got to be one of the most clueless, detached human beings on the face of this planet. Check out my dude’s comments below.

How this clown can sit there, with a straight face, and LIE to Met fans is beyond me. Hey buddy, you do know there is this thing called the internet where we can look up what other teams are paying their players too, right? Christ. You can’t teach this kind of stupid, I swear. What Jeff should do, is NEVER open his mouth in public again, because all he does is dig himself further and further into a bottomless pit.

Let me pierce holes in just about every comment BVW and Jeff Wilpon said today.

  1. The Mets do not have ONE $30 million dollar player, let alone two. If he is referring to Yoenis Cespedes, who is making TWENTY NINE million dollars, then he is off. For a penny-pinching motherfucker like you Jeff, you should be able to compute that you are a million dollars off on your claim. Robinson Cano is making $24 million dollars, so again, nowhere close $30 million.
  2. While Yo’s contract may show as $29 million, the Mets will most likely be recouping a hefty amount of that salary back with insurance. Cespedes will be sitting out for most, if not all of the 2019 season. So, you are counting a guy that is not contributing to the team as one of the guys you are paying $30 million to? Tell ’em what I think of that DJ Khaled…

3. The Robbie Cano money is not what the Mets are paying fully. The Mariners sent the Mets $20 million dollars along with Cano and Diaz, while also taking on the Bruce and Swarzak contracts, which account for $34 million dollars. Again, you ain’t foolin’ anybody here Jeffy.

4. The Washington Nationals, you know, your biggest threat in the division right now, already have TWO $30 million dollar players in Scherzer and Strasburg. The Angels also have two $30 million dollar players. Jeff, do some homework ONE TIME for me before you open that dumb mouth of yours.

5. Lastly, while the Mets may have two $20 million dollar players on their current payroll, they have only ONE other player making over $10 million (DeGrom through arbitration). Surely, many other teams can boast that they have the Mets beat in that category, but I guess that doesn’t count for Jeff. Welcome to the Spin Zone!

In the end, Jeff Wilpon and BVW came out and only enraged Met fans further by everything they said today. This ball club HAS improved, which is the sad part. All they needed to do was make one or two more solid moves to put them clear into the “contenders” category, and they simply refuse to do it. With AJ Pollock coming off the board today, the rest of the Free Agent Outfield options look grim. This team still has ZERO depth in the Starting Pitching and Outfield positions. They leave themselves vulnerable time and time again, and never learn from it. The Wilpons continue to show Met fans that they are more worried about the money in their pockets than putting a legit World Series contender on the field. It really makes your blood boil.

Mr. Glass-Half-Full Take:

I don’t have much for you here folks. There just HAS got to be more to this. This team is going into next season with the exact same payroll as last year, coming off back to back 70+ win seasons. I refuse to believe this new Front Office is THAT tone deaf. I refuse to believe that this Front Office doesn’t see the GLARING holes it has left.

The Mets came out and said they wanted to engage with the fan base more and repair a fractured relationship. Well, they sure ain’t off to a great start. If you aren’t spending the money on the Harper’s and Machado’s of the world, it better be because you are plan on locking up some of our home-grown talent (i.e. deGrom, Syndergaard, etc.).

If not, what was the point of trading away arguably our best prospect in Kelenic? Why did they say they were going to go all-in and then half-ass it? If everything breaks right, I still feel this team could compete for 90+ wins, but damn this feels like a missed opportunity right now. Also, when does everything ever break right for the Mets? Have they learned nothing from the ENTIRE Met history?

Time will tell who else gets added to this roster, but I believe this Front Office is knowledgeable enough to know that the job here is not done. Get me an Adam Jones. Get me a Tony Sipp. Get me a Wade Miley or Gio Gonzalez. PUSH ‘EM. PULL ‘EM. DO SOMETHIN’!

Figure it out BVW. This can’t be it.


Mr. Glass-Half-Full


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