What Are We Mad About Today Giants Fans?

The New York Giant fan base is an angry bunch. This is not something new, but something that has seemed to be building progressively for the last few years. I can’t say I blame you guys either. When the team misses the playoffs 7 out of the last 8 years, that will build anger towards the organization.

The problem I have is that the anger always seems to revolve around the same couple of topics:

  1. Eli Manning is the main culprit for this organization’s demise.
  2. How dare people mention trading Odell Beckham Jr.
  3. The Giants MUST draft a Quarterback this draft or else they will be doomed.

And round and round we go. I feel like I am in the damn twilight zone, because these were the EXACT same conversations that we were having at this time last year. Well, I am here to walk some of you off the ledge and put my typical “Glass-Half-Full” spin on things. I say some because there are a LOT of people out there (mostly on Twitter) that think that they know how things will play out. The team can only be built under their way and it doesn’t matter what other options there are.

Let’s address each topic again though, for the sake of argument.

Eli Manning

There is a lot more wrong with the Franchise than the Quarterback position folks. While I will be the first to say that Eli Manning did not play great last year, he also wasn’t the cause of each of the 11 losses. There was a lot wrong with last year’s team. It was a VERY flawed team, that was inheriting a new General Manager and a new Head Coach. Those types of changes don’t happen if you have a winning product on the field. The issues are two fold when you bring in a new GM and HC. It means that the owner thinks it is a badly constructed team and that the people expected to develop the talent and put together sound game plans aren’t doing their job either.

When Pat Shurmur and Co. finally figured out what they had on hand after the bye week, after taking the first 8 games to learn about each player’s strengths and weaknesses, the offense took off. They averaged 27.8 points per game in that final stretch (that is with a shutout in a rain storm to the Tennessee Titans). The biggest catalyst for the offensive turnaround was the offensive line coming together as a unity, partly due to the acquisition of Jamon Brown. With a functioning OL, this offense took off, with Eli Manning at the helm. While Eli is definitely part of the problem, he is not the cause of all of them, like many claim he is. The Giants do need to find a successor, much like every other team with an aging Quarterback. Make no mistake though, this TEAM needs to be improved all around the Quarterback spot.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Here we go again, huh? Round 2 of the OBJ trade drama started up again this offseason when Jay Glazer, who was asked to make a bold prediction about this offseason, made the GRAVE mistake of suggesting the Giants might trade OBJ. The OBJ defense brigade was out in full force again for the second time in the past two offseasons to come to Odell’s defense. How dare you say anything suggesting that the Giants might want to try a different direction given all of the success this team has had over the past 5 years with Odell out there!?

Please keep in mind, that this is not an attack on Odell. I love OBJ as a player and hope he is here for the turnaround that I feel is coming soon. I also still believe that it will be hard for the Giants to trade Odell given the $35 million dollar cap-hit the team will incur this year if he is traded, and the cap-hit they will also incur next year. This most likely isn’t happening.

On the other hand, would you turn down the opportunity to make a move if the 49ers were to offer their 2nd Round Pick in 2019 (pick #36), a 3rd Round Pick (where the Giants do not have a pick this year), and a 1st Round pick next year? This team showed last year that they are a better team when they were running the ball with Saquon Barkley. This offense is going to be centered around the #2 pick going forward. If they Giant were to move on from one of Janoris Jenkins, Olivier Vernon, or Eli Manning (or 2 or more of them take a pay cut), they can deal with cap hit that an OBJ trade would incur.

So, ease up on going after reporter’s families and friends for starting a rumor that is not so far fetched Giant fans. Another report later last week came out that the Giants were very close to dealing OBJ to the Patriots last year. This still could happen, however unlikely.

The Giants MUST draft a QB in 2019

Another topic that has already been beaten to death 2 months prior to the 2019 NFL Draft is that the Giants NEED to draft their future QB in 2019. While I do agree that the Giants need to find their heir apparent to Eli Manning in one of the next two drafts, I do not believe they should be pigeon-holed into forcing this pick this year.

Let’s get one thing out there. The Giants are NOT drafting Kyler Murray. If you know anything about this franchise, you know that Murray does not fit the profile for what the Giants want at QB, and they have a GM who hails from the same approach of what the Giants have always wanted at QB going back George Young.

So what it comes down to is, do the Giants love Dwayne Haskins? That’s what it comes down to, because if the Giants are going to draft the next franchise Quarterback, they will need to love the guy they are selecting. If there are doubts in the Front Office about Haskins, they should focus on a defensive player or a trade back and focus on gaining draft capital for next year’s draft. There is a lot to like about Haskins, but there are also a lot of questions. He has limited experience as a starter and not a lot of game tape to go off of. Also, how far would the Giants have to trade up to get Haskins if another team loves Haskins? Would you be willing to trade a boatload of much-needed draft picks to get him? I am in the camp of, if Haskins is there at #6, go ahead and get him. If you have to trade up to the 3rd spot or higher, that is too rich for my blood.

This goes back to what I mentioned earlier about this team having MANY holes. This particular draft is loaded in defensive talent, which the Giants desperately need. You know what next year’s draft is loaded in? High-end quarterback talent. If you are going to sell the farm to get the guy you want, why not make it next year, when you will have more tape on each of the three big-time Quarterbacks that will be coming out in Tua, Fromm, and Herbert? Yes, you may have to trade a bit more if the Giants perform well next year, but in theory, you will have a better team built around the QB position, more salary cap once Eli is off the books clean, and you will theoretically be trading away lower-end draft picks if the team is successful in 2020. Point is, forcing picks never works well. The Giants will have their chance to trade up and draft their QB of the future in one of the next two drafts. Let’s let it play out before getting mad about a situation that is ever-evolving and not even close to being decided yet.

That is all for this week people. I am sure I will be checking back soon when there is more news for Giant fans to be mad about in the next couple of weeks. For now, looking forward to seeing whether or not Landon Collins is Franchise Tagged (I would franchise) and what we see from the Combine. Free Agency is right around the corner, so plenty of fresh Giant news to chat about coming up shortly. Stay warm folks.


Mr. Glass-Half-Full

Go Big Blue

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