New York Giants First Round Recap

Let me first start off by saying this. You guys may or may not know me by now. For those that do, you know I stand behind my teams through thick and thin. I typically find ways to agree with or see their side of each move. I did NOT agree with what the Giants did yesterday with their 6th pick.

Going into this draft, the only scenario I didn’t want to see play out was the Giants drafting Daniel Jones at #6. You could have named 10 other players the Giants could have potentially taken with the 6th pick and I would have been happy. I think there is a big part of me that didn’t want Jones at 6 because of the backlash that the fans and media would have on the Giants organization. This didn’t really have anything to do with Daniel Jones the player. I also thought the Giants would have a shot at one of the premier defenders at the top of the draft, and they did when Josh Allen fell to them. Certainly, with what Gettleman said about not reaching for a QB and sticking to their board with the 6th pick, the Giants wouldn’t have Daniel freakin’ Jones rated higher than Josh Allen, would they?????

Welp! We all know what happened by now. If you were living under a damn rock and don’t know, the Giants drafted Daniel Jones with the #6 pick in the draft.

Every Giant fan after Daniel Jones’ name was announced

Once again, they are the laughing stock of the NFL. Low-hanging fruit and all, Dave Gettleman is getting ripped to shreds. So freakin’ predictable.

Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur have staked their entire Giant careers on Daniel Jones. They better PRAY to the football Gods that this kid is everything they think he is going to be. If he’s not, neither Gettleman nor Shurmur will be employed past 2020. It’s just that simple. The Barkley pick over Darnold will look even worse. Everything they have done or will do after this will be for naught. Jones needs to be better than or at least equal to Haskins and Rosen.

I say that to say this. The Giants Front Office, Coaching Staff and Ownership all have their asses in the jackpot right now.( FF to 1:45)

This pick was not made without Shurmur’s consent and Shurmur clearly liked what he saw in Jones, or else he wouldn’t have been the pick. Mara had to okay this pick too. Everyone’s legacy is on the line here. So, the fact that they had that much conviction in making Daniel Jones their next franchise quarterback, despite all the backlash that they knew they were going to take, makes me feel a bit more confident. The Giants franchise is all in on Mr. Jones, for better or worse. The truly feel that he is the Chosen One (I am still very skeptical).

In case you didn’t notice (or broke your TV after the Jones pick), there were two other 1st Rounders selected by the New York Giants last night. Both Dexter Lawrence and Deandre Baker were All-Americans last year and were big time defensive players for good teams in legit conferences. The Giants got better defensively last night, so let’s give them some credit there.

Without further ado, let’s dive into each pick. Give me a chance to do what I do best and spin this thing.

Pick #6 – Daniel Jones

The Giants apparently liked this kid so much that they picked him over Dwayne Haskins and Drew Lock (still not drafted going into Round 2) and decided against trading their 37th pick for Josh Rosen (Miami ended up giving their 48th pick up). That is SOME kind faith you have in the young man Getty. Either that or you are just a big dummy. Time will bear this out.

For those who haven’t watched Jones play, he is basically a reincarnation of Eli Manning, but more mobile. He was even coached by the same guy that coached both Manning brothers, David Cutcliffe. His arm is good enough to make all of the throws, but isn’t great. His accuracy in the short-intermediate part of the field is good, but it gets shakier when going deep. He can make plays with this feet, but isn’t going to go all Michael Vick on you and win the game with running the ball. Jones doesn’t really have any elite parts to his game, which is why there is trepidation about this pick at #6.

Having said that, he does a lot of things well and seems to be a “jack of all trades”. The best part of Jones’ game is the mental aspect. Nine out of ten times, he is making the right decision and will do exactly what the coaches want him to do. He scored big on the Wonderlic test and is smart as shit (like the rest of those Duke nerds). Basically, this guy has “high floor” written all over him. The issue is, what is his ceiling? I don’t think we have seen that just yet.

Jones has gotten a ton of hate from fans and analysts alike, but there is a pretty big contingent of scouts and people in the know that like Jones’ talent. If you are looking for big stats, they simply will not be there. Jones played on some pretty bad Duke teams and it was a testament to Jones that he got last years Duke team to a Bowl Game. He has had some of the worst receiving corps and offensive lines in the nation year after year. This was not unlike Eli Manning’s college experience at Ole Miss, and if you look at their stats, they are pretty similar.

The Giants, and specifically Coach Shurmur, are betting that with a year (or two) of experience learning under Eli Manning and the Giants coaching staff, coupled with some better surrounding talent, Daniel Jones will be a very good Quarterback in the NFL. With Jones’ mobility, he and Saquon should be able to run the shit out of the RPO offense. I’m going to give this kid a shot, and I suggest that you Giant fans do the same.

Many Giant fans are pissed because Josh Allen was still on the board. While I was one of those people, this should have no bearing on how much we like Daniel Jones. By all accounts, he is a great kid with a good head on his shoulders. He is a good leader and should be able to handle the media well, much like his soon-to-be mentor Eli Manning. Fingers crossed that this kid is the goods, or else this whole draft will be tarnished for Giant fans.

Pick #17 – Dexter Lawrence

At 6’4″ 340 LBS, DLaw is built like a brick shit house. Dexter is our new Snacks (Damon Harrison) folks, except 10 years younger and with more pass rushing ability. He was one of the key cogs in Clemson’s fearsome defensive line that led to multiple National Championships.

He was suspended for the playoffs last year because of “unknowingly” taking a banned substance. Still very much a part a huge part of Clemson getting into the playoffs and I am not going to get worked up over this because I do think it was a mistake.

Lawrence’s calling card, and you probably could have guessed this due to his size, is run defense. He eats double teams for lunch and will be great for Ogeltree and Goodson to keep them clean and allow them to make plays in run defense.

The Giant defense struggled big time against the run last year once we traded Snacks, so the Giants did well here to draft his replacement. DLaw is not a great pass rusher, but he will push the pocket often and with work on his pass rushing skills can become a force in the middle on all three downs. The knock on him right now is that he is only a two down player and those types of players should not be drafted that high. To that, I say piss off.

DLaw had 6.5 sacks his freshman year and has had 18 sacks over his career at Clemson. He is not inept in the passing game. Gettleman wants to be able to run the ball and stop the run. Well guys, DLaw was brought in to do the latter. Last year, the team allowed over 118 yards a game rushing, and that shits got to stop. With Lawrence’s power and size, the Giants might have found themselves their new version of Linval Joseph (Haloti Ngata is another comp I have seen).

Pick #30 via trade with SEA – Deandre Baker

The Giants traded their 37th, 142nd and 152nd picks to get back up in the 1st Round to select Deandre Baker out of Georgia. Baker is arguably the best Cornerback in this year’s draft, and with the Giants lack of depth at the position currently, this was a very solid pick to match value and need.

Baker won the Jim Thorpe Award last season, which is awarded to the nation’s best defensive back and was a First-Team All-American in 2019. Playing in the SEC, you know these accolades were well deserved. The dude competes his ass off and can play in just about any scheme you put him in. He makes plays on the ball (7 career INTs) and was often counted on to shut down opposing team’s #1 Wide Receiver.

The only knock on Baker was his height at 5’11”. Personally, that’s not small enough to make a huge impact. With his skills, he should be able to overcome that obstacle and will be a major contributor to the Giants secondary in years to come. This pick makes me feel a whole lot better about he secondary. He joins the likes of Janoris Jenkins (who’s contract might become expendable next year if he doesn’t perform now with Baker in the fold), Sam Beal and Grant Haley at DB.

Lastly, Baker will bring that South Florida swag to a Giants defense that is badly in need of it. We need some dogs out there on defense that play with passion. DLaw and Baker will bring that bite.

Mr. Glass-Half-Full Take:

The night started off rocky as hell. I’m not going to lie, I proceeded to get VERY drunk after the Daniel Jones pick. Once my anger and hangover subsided, and I did some research on the guy, I have slightly come around to the pick (still a lot of work to do on that front; need to see it with my own eyes before I am a full believer). Everyone was clamoring for the Giants to draft Eli’s successor, a successor that would be more mobile than Eli. Well folks, here you have it. You can be mad that he wasn’t the guy you wanted, but you can’t say the Giants didn’t have a plan.

Jones is their guy and apparently he was their guy all along. As my Grandpa always used to say, “If you don’t love the QB with the 6th pick, you aren’t going to love him with the 17th. He is either your guy or he isn’t.” Just kidding, he never said that. In fact, neither of my Grandfathers spoke English much at all. More the soccer types from Europe.

The Giants identified Jones, not Haskins or Lock or Rosen, as their guy. I have faith that Gettleman and Shurmur know what they are doing and know what they want. I am going to give Jones a shot.

As for the rest of the draft, the Giants locked down two All-American defensive starters that should become very solid players for the Giants rebuilt defense for years to come. I am all for drafting these kind of dudes. Baker and Lawrence have put up big-time production in college. I know that flies in the face of what I said about Jones, but QBs are a different beast that rely heavily on a decent supporting cast.

Going forward, I can’t see the Getty waiting around until the 95th pick to make his next selection. There is just too much talent to be had within the next 62 picks. The Giants STILL do not have a pass rusher, and that was my biggest contention with skipping over Allen at #6. They could also use a Right Tackle to shore up the Offensive Line. I see the Giants addressing both spots and probably the Wide Receiver spot in the middle rounds.

Finish the job here Gettleman. Either everyone else is wrong and you will look like a genius, or you and Shurmur will end up with egg on your face and unemployed. Time will tell. I will give you a shot sir.


Mr. Glass-Half-Full

Go Big Blue

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