The Mets Are a Clown Show: Part……100? 1,000? I’ve Lost Count

Hello Met fans. Welcome back to the Clown Show! When I say Welcome Back, I say that in jest. As most of us already know, we have never left said Clown Show since Fred Wilpon bought out Nelson Doubleday in 2002.

Good on Nelson Doubleday too, for getting out of anything associated with the Wilpons before they dragged him down into the deepest, darkest parts of hell where us Met fans currently reside. Since 2002, it has just been shit show after shit show, with the 2006 team and 3 months of 2015 peppered in between.

Honestly, the number of embarrassing/terrible moments have piled up so high, that I have lost track. Too many to count. Each year, I talk myself into the current year’s team having a chance, and then by June it becomes #prospectwatchszn and I start looking forward to the start of Hockey and Football.

On my Glass-Half-Full bullshit, I actually thought this team could win 90+ games this year (I predicted 92 wins LOL). Little did I know that the revamped bullpen was not only nothing close to revamped, but WAY worse than any other bullpen I have ever seen (already blown 20 games and we aren’t even halfway through the season). Robinson Cano looks like toast with ONLY four more years left on the 36-year-old’s contract. Two of the biggest offseason acquisitions (Jed Lowrie and Justin Wilson) have played a combined 10 out of the team’s 81 games thus far.

Somehow, I didn’t see this coming. Somehow, I didn’t see Mickey Callaway making ZERO progress in Year 2. “Get him a bench coach” I said. “It will help him with in-game decisions” I said.

What I SHOULD have seen coming was him finally snapping like a damn crazy man and cursing off reporters in the locker room and Jason Vargas threatening to fight said reporter. I SHOULD have seen Brodie Van Wagenen calling Met personnel (from his fucking couch at home) in the dugout to urge Callaway to take a deGrom out (and who knows how many other baseball decisions) of a ball game. A ballgame the Mets bullpen blew, by the way. Yes, first-time GM and long-time sports agent BVW was calling in to make in-game baseball decisions. From his couch. Why you ask, does he have that kind of power? The Mets, that’s why.

Mickey is out here trying his damnedest to get fired too. He was practically BEGGING for it with his “apology” the day after cussin’ out reporters. He had to come out THREE separate times until he gave any semblance of an apology. He apologized the way I apologize to my wife when I think I am right. “I am sorry you took what I said that way” is essentially putting NONE of the blame on yourself.

The Mets won’t fire him though. Why would they? I mean, what kind of manager would sign on and allow for a rookie GM to make his managerial decisions for him during a live MLB game? Oh, and God Forbid Jeff Wilpon didn’t have a puppet for a manager to control. Why do you think Jeff is Mickey’s biggest backer in the organization?

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times. None of this is going to change until the MLB steps in and removes this ownership group. Until then, we will have Jeffy Wilpon continuing to meddle with the team. We will have inept managers and general managers running the show underneath him. We will continue to have chaos each and every season.

What is going to take for the MLB to step in? Who the actual fuck knows. If they haven’t stepped in yet, who in their right mind thinks they will ever step in? The Wilpons have made it through every conceivable money issue and controversy. There has been nary a whiff of help or assistance through any of it from the MLB. Ol’ Fred must have some SERIOUS snuff films of the higher ups in the MLB office. It’s the only thing that makes sense anymore.

If there is anyone out there listening……PLEASE! Save us! SOS! SOS! You are watching a train-wreck play out right in front of your eyes. We are at Andy King-levels of desperation right now.

Andy King, The Guy Who Almost Sucked Dick for Fyre Fest, Might Get His Own Show

Who is going to be our White Knight. Who is going to save us from the tyranny that is Fred and Jeff Wilpon. SOMEONE! ANYONE! AYUDA!

Mr. Glass-Half-Full’s Desperate Take:

I can’t even say that my glass is half empty at the moment. I am running low on water when it comes to the Mets. It’s like that last bit of water at the end of your road trip that you are trying to save because you both A) need to pee really bad and B) are still really thirsty. So you keep taking little sips of the water to conserve yet at the same time trying not to piss your pants.

There have been some AMAZING bright spots. Pete Alonso is running away with the Rookie of the Year award and if the Mets weren’t so awful, would like be receiving some MVP votes right now. Jeff McNeil continues to be an absolute hitting machine and it is shocking that he isn’t garnering All-Star votes. Dominic Smith is looking like every bit the 1st Round pick that he was supposed to be. We have also seen last year’s acquisitions Jason Vargas and Todd Frazier show some semblance of what the Mets thought they were getting last year. Lastly, Jacob deGrom has returned back to form after a tough start to the season.

The Mets NAILED BVW’s first draft as a GM, at least on paper. They drafted one of the highest upside bats in Brett Baty and two VERY solid pitchers in Josh Wolf and Matthew Allen. Allen might have been the best pick of them all, being that he was a projected 1st Rounder that dropped to the 3rd Round because every team assumed he was going to play in college and his asking price was enormous. It was a draft that BVW and the Mets absolutely needed after trading away Jarred Kelenic, who is looking like one of the best hitting prospects in the minors, just a half a season the trade for Cano and Diaz (YUCKS).

In the end, much like every other season since 2002, the Mets are testing our fandom once again. The Mets are so many games out of 1st place that they are more likely to be passed by the rebuilding Marlins than they are to taking the division (or even the 2nd Wild Card spot). This is our lives. Stay strong Met fans.

With Love and not a lot of Hope,

Mr. Glass-Half-Full

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