New York Giant Training Camp Observations: Week 1

We made it Giant fans.

After a long, and much-needed six-month layoff, New York Giant Football is back. Training Camp started up last week, and we can finally start talking shop about the New York Giants as it pertains to on-the-field action. No more Odell talk. No more Landon Collins talk. Just Giants football.

Allow me to briefly speak on these former Giants one last time though (right after I said no more Odell and LC talk, I know). With each passing day, the Giants moving on from Beckham and Collins looks better and better. You can make a case that Odell deserved better than to be shipped out to Cleveland and that the return wasn’t great enough. However, there is no doubting that the Giants moved on from Odell for off-the-field reasons. The drama levels have been at an all-time low, and this team and organization is just focused on football. Odell’s comments in the GQ article perfectly summed up why the Giants moved on from him.

From OBJ talking about his brand, being the only reason why the Giant “brand” was kept alive, to him talking about needing more targets in the Green Bay playoff loss (where he dropped 3 of the 7 targets he received), it just speaks to the kind of player the Giants no longer wanted leading their organization. Juxtapose that with the comments Saquon Barkley made during the same week the GQ article came out:

“I think I can be a lot better. And not just by stats — I think that’s where a lot of people get confused. For me, it’s not about stats,” Barkley told ESPN on Friday. “I break it down like this — why have 3,000 yards and go 5-11? What does that really mean? What did you really do for your team?

“I would love to have the most yards in the league and beat [Ezekiel Elliott] and beat [Todd Gurley] and all that. That’s how I am, that’s how I operate. But at the end of the day, I end up with the most all purpose yards and we didn’t make the playoffs.

“I’d rather have 1,200 yards or 1,400 yards and less touchdowns, and [Sterling Shepard] goes for 1,000, [Evan Engram] goes for 1,000 and Golden Tate goes for 1,000 and we’re 13-3 or 11-5 at the end of the year and competing for a championship.”

That my friends, is the kind of personality and mindset you want out of your leader. Not worrying about his “brand” or Prime Time games. Barkley wants to win, and will do everything in his power to do so. No screaming, crying, whining, etc..

In regards to Landon Collins, I am just really confused. Why in the HELL is he so butthurt? Collins said he didn’t want to play under the franchise tag, and Dave Gettleman and the front office decided his play was not worth Top 3 Safety money. Those two factors led the Giants to letting Collins walk and Collins ended up getting paid the money he wanted (way too much money IMO). What’s the problem here? Collins then proceeds to no longer mention the Giants team name in interviews, talks about knocking Gettleman over on the sidelines, and countless other jabs. Grow the fuck up Landon. This is the exact type of “leadership” he brought to the team when he was a Giant. With every passing interview, LC makes it harder for people like me, who actually respected what he had done as a Giant and wished him well going forward, to continue to root for him. LC, you are now on my shit list. Congrats.

Anyway. Like I said, that’s the last bit I will say on those two. On to more important stuff.

Some thoughts on what has been reported about the 1st week of Training Camp (I will be getting out there on August 11th for those who want to join!)

  • First, I want to start with the shitty news (big “Bad News First” guy). The Wide Receiver corps came out of the injury gates HOT. On the very first day of camp, Sterling Shepard broke the tip of his thumb on a pass from Manning (take it easy there Eli!). Luckily, it was just the tip (Giggity) and Shurmur expects Shep to be ready to rock in a couple weeks. I can’t see him missing Week 1. Ten, you had Corey Coleman go down with a Torn ACL. NOT GREAT. Who knows how much Coleman was going to give from a receiving standpoint, but where it does hurt is the Kick Return game, where Coleman flashed last year. This also hurts the already thin depth we had at the position.
  • Not to be outdone, our newly signed Free Agent Golden Tate, had to go and get himself suspended for the first four games of the season for PED use. The “PED” was a fertility drug he used in trying to make a baby with his wife. Effin Goodell is now trying to prevent players from reproducing. What a dick. Jokes aside though, this sucks because he has shown some good chemistry with Eli in camp and it makes our already thin WR corps thinner. The only silver lining in this is that the first four games of the season might be the easiest stretch of the Giant schedule.
  • Eli Manning has been sharp. I don’t think I’ve see a report about him having a bad practice yet. Did DJ light a fire under Eli’s ass? Is the defense ass? Is it all the big asses in front of Eli blocking things up nicely? I can’t say for certain yet. All I know is, Eli is going to leave it all out in the field if this is his last hurrah. Second year in the same system. Wanting to prove all the doubters (there are MANY) wrong. Let’s see if the ol’ gun-slinger has one more magical ride in him.
  • Daniel Jones, for his part, has done as well as one could expect from a rookie Quarterback. He has yet to throw an INT in live competition, he has picked up the playbook quickly, and has shown nice arm strength all throughout the first week of camp. THERE IS NO QB COMPETITION, but DJ has made himself a viable #2 QB right now and will push Eli to do everything he can to keep him off the field. Shurmur keeps praising DJ and they keep putting a lot on his plate. Me thinks Danny boy will be all ready to go, whenever that may be this year.
  • The other rookies have flashed as well. Baker has been keeping opposing WRs quiet and Julian Love has been all over the place at Defensive Back and Safety. Lawrence has been a force in the middle and played everywhere along the line. I am telling you guys, DLaw is going to be a FORCE in the middle of the defense. He is more than just a two-down run stopper like many people have been claiming.
  • The stud of camp, so far, has been Lorenzo Carter. I was expecting big things out of this young man coming into this year, and by everything I have read, he has not disappointed in camp. ‘Zo needed to put on weight to be able to play the run as an Edge LB, and he has put on 20 LBs of muscle, cause lord knows there isn’t an ounce of fat on that dude. He has been making plays left and right, and I expect Carter to be one of the best, if not THE best player on this defense in 2019.
  • Last, but certainly not least, Saquon has been Saquon. Just wrap this dude up in bubble wrap until September 8th and let him do his thing. The best thing to hear about Barkley, in the early days of camp, has been how talkative he is. He is truly accepting the leadership role and realizes that this is his team now and he is embracing the fact that he is the face of this franchise. No better person to have as the face of the New York Giants IMO.

All in all, its been a quiet and workmanlike start to the 2019 season for the Giants. Pat Shurmur and Dave Gettleman wanted football players that eat, breathe and sleep football. It seems that they have finally put together a roster of players that fit their mold. This year will be a great test to see if culture really does help a team.

Fingers crossed the injury bug is done with us for now and we can have a healthy rest of camp. I will holler at you guys after the first preseason game versus the Jets next week. Until then, stay cool. Stay classy.


Mr. Glass-Half-Full

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