Week 2 Recap: End of the Eli Manning Era

Quickest Recap of All Time:

The New York Giants lost to the Buffalo Bills last Sunday to drop to 0-2 for the 6th time in 7 years. The offense stunk. The defense stunk. Yada yada yada.

The season is quickly going down the tubes, but that’s not what we are here for folks. The New York Football Giants dropped a BOMB today. They made the move the whole world was waiting for. The New York Giants have officially benched their two-time Super Bowl winning QB for the Numbah Six pick in the 2019 draft, Daniel Jones. The switch is happening for good this time too, not some bullshit, last desperation attempt to turn around a season, from a lame duck coach. This is no Geno Smith coming in. This is our future Giant fans.

If you have read ANY of my previous blogs on the New York Football Giant (or just know me as a human being), you know that I have always been a huge Eli Manning fan. This man has given me two of my most-cherished and favorite sports experiences of my entire life. For that, he will always hold a very special place in my heart. Eli will hang his classy-ass cleats up knowing that he is finishing up his Giant career as one of the GOAT to ever don a New York Giant uniform.

Eli will forever be loved by MOST Giant fans for what he did for this franchise over his long career. His demeanor and loyalty are second to none as a New York Giant, and I just hope the people will look back at the early stages of his career when recalling his time here in NY. He was done dirty by a bad GM (lookin’ at you Jerry Reese) and shoddy Front Office work for the latter half of his career. He was the fall-guy for a lot of things that went wrong with this franchise over the past decade, and because of that, his record and reputation suffered. Eli kept going out there though. Every Sunday. No matter what was going on with this franchise or in the media, Eli started 210 games in a row (his streak coming to an end because of that dumbass McAdoo). For a franchise Quarterback, your greatest ability should be availability. Eli was there every Sunday giving his team a chance to win, up until recently that is.

The one bright spot? He didn’t finish his career under .500, finishing at a remarkable 116-116. Manning will finish up at the top of nearly every important passing category this storied franchise has. He will finish in the Top 10 in the history of the NFL in many important passing categories as well. I still contend that his 2011 season was one of the better Quarterback seasons I could recall. Behind a bad Offensive Line and a bad defense, Eli took the Giants on his shoulders and led them to his 2nd Super Bowl victory against the New England Patriots. He should have garnered MVP consideration for the season he put up. Alas, it’s Eli and he never got a tenth of the respect he deserved. Call him a compiler, call him average, call him slow-looking. Lord knows Eli has been called every name in the book. I will always call Eli the greatest Quarterback in New York Giant history, a two-time Super Bowl Winning(and SB MVP-winning), future Hall of Famer.

Make no mistake, I am still pissed that the Giant franchise ruined the latter half of Manning’s career. Prior to this year, the Giants did not provide Eli with an adequate Offensive Line for the better part of this decade. When the Offensive Line was finally put together, he was given a two-game leash to figure out how to manufacturer points with weapons like T.J. Jones, Bennie Fowler and Cody Latimer to throw to. Couple that with a very young defense that couldn’t stop a nosebleed right now, and you could see that Eli never really stood a chance.

Eli, at this stage of his career, is an above-average game manager that should not be expected to throw the ball nearly 100 times in a two-game span. Manning cannot be trusted to go out there and win a game solely with his arm with this current roster. Shurmur runs a system that is simply not a fit for Eli Manning, and that became more evident the past two games. It was time to move on. Manning was no longer a guy that gave this team the best chance to win.

Let me also say, that I do not blame Pat Shurmur or Dave Gettleman one bit for making this move. This is a business. A win-now business. The Giants were not winning with Eli Manning at the helm and showed no signs of progress on offense. When Shurmur’s system was clicking in Philly and Minnesota, he had a QB that could move. One that could run the RPO and bootleg every which way. Eli Manning ain’t that guy chief. So, with the losses piling up on both Shurmur and Gettleman’s resumes, they made the switch.

I mentioned this before, but I thought the Giants were going to give Eli a bit longer of a leash. I thought a change would have happened Week 7, where DJ would have had the Cardinals at home and the Lions on the road following that. After Sunday’s shit-show of a game and Shurm not committing to Eli on Monday, I started to accept the inevitable. It was absolutely time for a change.

Shurmur needs to start showing the fans and the Front Office that he now has the QB he needs to run the system he wants. We, as fans, need to have something to look forward to each Sunday. After the first two weeks, it was looking like more of the same, and Giant fans were getting REAL tight about it. Nothing buys an NFL Coach and GM more time like a rookie QB. Especially one that shows progress (fingers crossed).

This has always been a rebuilding/development year. If things broke the right way, the Giants would have started off fast and had an outside shot at 9 wins. Who knows, maybe Daniel Jones balls out and the Giants were simply being held back by Eli all along. Regardless, it is time to see what we have in Young DJ.

If nothing else, DJ will provide some more shots downfield and will be able to pick up a couple of first downs with his legs on RPO/Bootleg plays. The RPO will cause havoc on defenses that need to choose between Barkley, the threat of a Jones run, and the playaction pass. Shepard and Tate will be here soon enough and will provide Jones with the weapons he needs to succeed. I do believe Jones will also stay in the pocket that half-second longer that it takes to make a big throw, something Eli Manning no longer seemed to want to do this late in his career (can’t blame him after the beating he’s taken over the years).

Let’s hope what we saw in the Preseason wasn’t a mirage and Jones is really the goods. This franchise is in need of a turnaround, and I would love for DJ and Saquon to lead the way. I think 8 has the mindset and the tools to succeed in Blue and lead this organization out of the deep, dark abyss that is has been in for the last 8 years.

Mr. Glass-Half-Full’s Take:

As I have mentioned, I love Eli Manning. I ain’t gonna lie. I have a ton of respect and admiration for a guy that I have rooted for every Sunday for the last 15 years. I REALLY hope I did not attend his last game without being able to cheer him on one last time and give him his rightful last standing ovation. I truly do believe the New York Giants and John Mara (who is to blame for a lot of how this show went down in the first place) will do him a solid at the end of the year and start him for the last home game against the Eagles. Or at least get him a series.

Having said that, I am turning the page. I am all aboard the DJ Express. I couldn’t be more excited and pumped to see what this young man can do over the next 15 weeks. This is MY future Quarterback and I am going to back him all the way.

For the first time in, well ever, the Giants are going to have a mobile QB that can also throw the ball on the run. That is the way the Quarterback position is moving in the NFL, and the Giants are long overdue on joining the movement. Shurmur has to be licking his chops now that he has someone that can run an RPO with Barkley.

Are there going to be rookie lumps like we are seeing with this young defense? Absolutely. Part of the reason why Shurm and Getty loved this kid was because of his moxy. He dealt with a SHITE cast of characters at Duke and lifted the level of play around him. He took a beating each week behind a bad offensive line, and all the kid did was bounce back up and keep playing. He is smart, he is humble, and he is spry AF.

I mentioned earlier that I was worried that the team and coaching staff might have been rushing things and putting him in a bad spot to start with no weapons and a hard schedule coming in front of him. Then, I thought about it more (and SQUABBLED with a couple of my Giant fan friends) and decided, now is as good of a time to start as any. Throw him into the deep end, much like we did with Eli, and let’s see if the kid can swim in New York. If he can’t? Guess what, he probably wasn’t cut out to be the future at Quarterback for the New York Giants anyway.

So, let’s all saddle up and root like hell for DJ. He has been shit on and besmirched by every media outlet and analyst to start his career, so in that sense, he is picking up right where Eli left off. What is a New York Quarterback without being hated and dissected every waking moment.

You got some big shoes to fill kid. We’re all rooting for you to take the mantle from Eli and run with it.

Go DJ. That’s my DJ. Go DJ. That’s my DJ.

Love you Elisha,

Mr. Glass-Half-Full

Go Big Blue.

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