New York Mets 2019 Season in Review

The New York Mets season, much like every other season I can remember as a Met fan, was an absolute roller coaster of emotions. They came out of the gates hot, SUCKED in June (as always), then had a monster 2nd Half to give us fans hope. In the end, the team fell short of getting the to playoffs, but there were so many bright spots that made this season a fun watch for most Met fans.

Brodie Van Wagenen set a ridiculously high standard for a team that hadn’t made the playoffs since 2015, and the Mets fell (predictably) short. Brodie issued a warning to the rest of the NL East. “Come get us” Van Wagenen said bravely. It was right then, that most Met fans knew this was going to blow up in his face. “They came and got us” Brodie later claimed in an interview the rookie GM had during the start to the 2nd Half of the season. So damn predictable.

Like I mentioned previously, there were still a ton of positives.

  1. Pete Alonso. Need I say more? No, but I will anyways. Our Big Polar Bear literally had himself an all-time rookie season. Smashing 53 homers and setting Mets season records along the way, Pete was everything a Met fan could have asked for and then so much more. He has future captain written all over him, and I could not be more excited to watch this young man grown as the face of this franchise going forward. He was literally a “must-watch” every time he stepped up to the plate. He will be this year’s NL ROY and it ain’t even close.
  2. Jeff McNeil cemented his place as a huge piece of this young Mets core. He was one of the better hitters in the league all season long and finished the year with a .318/.384/.513 slash-line. That is MONSTER stuff in what was, essentially, his rookie year in the Majors. He can play everywhere in the field and has a no nonsense attitude that I love. Again, another guy that I am excited to watch grow and be a part of this team’s future going forward.
  3. Jake was Jake. Even though the Mets offense still, somehow, forgot how to hit for the man, he still managed another amazing season. DeGrom is all set to accept his 2nd straight Cy Young award. Not much left to be said about the most dominant pitcher in the MLB right now. It’s just a shame that he doesnt have 10+ more wins to his record over the last two years.
  4. Amed Rosario finally put together the type of season all Met fans were hoping for. Rosie shored up his defensive issues after a rough start and that propelled his offensive game. He finished the season hitting .287 with 15 homers and 72 RBI (both career highs). He chipped in 19 steals as well. He finally looked like the top prospect he was touted as coming into the league. He finished the season looking like a Top 5 shortstop in the majors and at the ripe age of 23, the future as DAMN bright.

Those weren’t the only positives either. Michael Conforto set career highs in homers and RBIs on his way to another stellar season. If not for a few cold spells (that always seem to last longer than you want out of a star hitter), Conforto could had an All-Star season. He needs to cut that shit out and be more consistent if he wants to be considered one of the better players in the league.

Free Agent signings Wilson Ramos and Justin Wilson were about as good as you could have hoped for. Ramos was great with the bat, but not so much with the glove. He still hit better than any other catcher the Mets have had, probably since Piazza. If Wilson didnt miss a huge chunk of the season, the Mets would probably be in the playoffs. He was THAT good for the Mets out of the pen. Coupled with Seth Lugo, the tandem were the few bright spots in an otherwise terrible season for the bullpen. Speaking of Lugo, he was an absolute weapon for the Mets and Callaway this season. You could say he was the sole reason why the Mets bullpen was just a disaster and not one of the worst pens of all-time.

Lastly on the positives, I want to give shout outs to Chili Davis and Phil Regan. Davis came in and was a great influence on the Mets young hitters. He developed and worked with them to get career highs out of so many guys and helped this lineup become a steady force throughout the whole season. Old Phil Regan took over halfway through the season when Dave Eiland was fired, and helped instill toughness into the pitching staff. Solid job by both.

There weren’t many negatives to this season, but the few that there were cost the Mets any chance at the postseason. It’s a shame because so much went right, and many will view this season as a waste because of these assholes.

  1. Edwin Diaz and Jeurys Familia. Screw the both of youze. The Mets won 86 games in spite of these two assholes combining for an ERA over 11. Diaz was touted as one of the best young closers in the game and was expected to be our closer of the present and future. Now, having traded Jarred Kelenic (one of the best OF prospects in the game currently) and Justin Dunn for him, he is part of one of the worst trades in franchise history. Familia was brought in on a 3-year contract to sure up the setup role. All he did was forget how to pitch and have the worst seasons of his career. Thanks for nothing you clowns. You literally cost us the season.
  2. Jed Lowrie was supposed to be a Swiss Army knife that would be able to help the Mets as so many positions as a Super Utility guy. After numerous “mysterious” leg injuries, he ended up starting exactly ZERO games on the season and literally didn’t help the team at all. He has next year to make up for this disaster, or he will join the long list of useless big free agent signings the Mets have had over the years.
  3. Mickey Callaway we hardly knew ye. The since-fired manager of the New York Mets is out of a job for good reason. While I believe the team played hard for Mickey and he managed the clubhouse fairly well, his in-game managing was simply atrocious for a second straight season. He literally made no progress and was a big reason behind this team not meeting the expectations set by Van Wagenen.

Robinson Cano will get an honorable mention here because of his horrific 1st Half. I do believe that part of the reason he set career lows in just about every category was due to his multiple injuries that robbed him of any momentum. He had a very solid end to his season and I think he will bounce back in Year Two if he can just stay healthy.

The rest of the Starting Pitching staff underwhelmed. For how healthy the Mets starters were all season long, you would have expected a monster season for the team, however, that was not the case. Syndergaard, Wheeler and Matz all under performed for most of the season, aside from some decent stretches here and there. For one reason or another, none of these guys, who were counted on to be key cogs in the rotation, stepped up. It was disappointing and it could spell the end of Wheeler’s time in Queens. Chalk them up as another reason this team fell short of expectations. You can even add Marcus Stroman to this group, who despite the strong finish, underwhelmed after coming over at the trade deadline.

Mr. Glass-Half-Full’s Take:

I gave you all the prediction that the Mets would win 92 games this year. Was it a bit ambitious of me? Absolutely. With that said, I truly believe that this team is a 92-win caliber team and a Top 4 team in the NL.

Call me crazy, but with everything that went wrong, and with how badly the season looked at several points, the fact that this team still finished with 86 wins is a testament to the talent level they had. With any semblance of a bullpen, that took the worst seasons of Diaz and Familia’s career to careen the season, this team finishes with 90+ wins easily.

To most Met fans, this season was an abject failure, and due to the trades of 4 big prospects, the Mets farm and future were decimated. For me? This was the most fun I have had watching a Mets team in four years. There was so much progress made by the young talent on this team, that I can’t help but be excited about the Mets future.

Yes, I wish we had our young prospects still. Those trades do not sting any less. This team is still chock full of youth though, and for that I am still excited. BVW will have his hands full, and after a below average rookie year as the Mets GM, all eyes will be on him to have a monster offseason.

This team is close to being a top contender in the league. Fix the bullpen, figure out what you are doing with the starting staff, and most importantly, get a great manager to take this team to the next level (here’s lookin’ at you Joe Girardi). This is still a win-now team and I still believe.

Thanks for reading my stuff all year Met fans. I love you all and will check back throughout the Winter on you guys and gals. Hang in there and keep believing!

Much Love,

Mr. Glass-Half-Full


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