Shurmur Looks Like a Goner. Does Gettleman Survive Yet Another Giant House Cleaning?

The New York Giants stink again. Pat Shurmur is now 7-21 as a New York Giant head coach and owns a 17-44 career record. Shurmur is now the proud owner of the 7th worst winning percentage in NFL History. That’s not the kind of NFL history a coach wants to be associated with.

The writing has been on the wall with Shurmur for some time now. Each subsequent loss, coupled with Steve Tisch coming to town talking about having “Very honest” conversations about the Giants future, means the end is very near for PS. The bigger question is, what does this mean for Dave Gettleman?

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It’s an interesting debate and one that will rage on for the next few months as the Giants look to right the ship going into 2020. Both sides have valid points and you could talk most Giants fans into either scenario. So, let’s talk shop.

The Case Against Gettleman

  • Getty failed to recognize that this team needed to be rebuilt as soon as he took over. This decision to not rebuild right away coincided with bringing Eli back, and the hiring of Pat Shurmur. This is where stuff gets murky, because we do not know how much autonomy Gettleman had in either decision. Was he forced to ride with Eli and give it one more go at Mara’s request? Or was that Getty’s decision to ride with Eli? How much say did Getty have in hiring Shurmur? If DG acted on his own accord on these decisions, a ton of this mess should fall on him.
  • Gettleman’s handling of the OBJ situation. “We didn’t sign him to trade him”. Gettleman sureee has a way of running the media, players and the fan base the wrong way.
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  • Several of Gettleman’s personnel moves have missed (badly). The Nate Solder signing, in hindsight, looks terrible. The same can be said about the Alec Ogeltree trade. The Leonard Williams trade was highly questionable, even more so now that the 3rd Round pick he traded to the Jets looks like it is going to be a very high pick. Then, you have the Free Agent signings of Jonathan Stewart, Patrick Omameh, Antoine Bethea, and Kareem Martin that have all failed miserably. It is fair to question whether DG is the best man to spend all the Free Agent money the Giants will have this coming offseason.
  • The one thing Gettleman could lean on were his drafts over the past two years. However, after a great rookie season for his 2018 class, no player has progressed in Year Two. Is that on the coaching staff, or were those players simply not good enough? The anti-Gettleman crowd will point to the latter being the truth. Picking Barkley over a QB in 2018 will always be second guessed.
  • Simply put, the team is 7-21 under his tenure. People want to see growth and wins. We have seen little to no progress and things seem to be getting worse.

The Case for Gettleman

  • If Mara was truly the reason behind Eli coming back and forcing Gettleman into keeping and aging Quarterback, then there has to be more of a leash for Getty from Ownership. You can’t pigeonhole someone into that kind of situation and blame him when it doesn’t inevitably work out. Once Eli showed he was no longer the short-term or long-term answer, Gettleman realized that this team needed to be gutted from top to bottom. That is exactly what he did, kicking off a rebuild that will culminate with Eli Manning, and the rest of the big contracts coming off the books in 2020.
  • Speaking of 2020, that has always been rumored to be the goal that the Giants returned back to contending. Daniel Jones has done enough, in my mind, to warrant his selecting at #6. Having that franchise Quarterback is one of the most important parts to a rebuild. The SOLE focus of this offseason, where the Giants will be armed with a Top 5 pick and plenty of cap space, should be to rebuild and overhaul an inept defense and put the finishing touched on the offensive line. If Getty and Co. can accomplish those two goals this offseason, this team can contend for a playoff spot in 2020.
  • For some, the trading of Odell for what amounted to Dexter Lawrence, Oshane Ximines, Jabrill Peppers and a ton of headaches is looked at as a positive. With OBJ already trying to get out of Cleveland now, and coming off the worst season of his career, this move looks better by the day. Not to mention all of the money that was saved by moving his contract.
  • A lot of Gettleman’s moves over the past two years were stop-gap moves that were desperate attempts to fill the many holes Jerry Reese left the team with. In 2019, most of Gettleman’s moves have netted out positively. Golden Tate has arguably been the team’s best Wide Receiver, Kevin Zeitler has been solid if unspectacular, and Peppers has been decent at Safety. Couple that with a draft that has produced a starting QB for the future, a potential #2 WR, and several key pieces on the defensive side of the ball. That is a successful offseason.
  • Last offseason was arguably the first of this rebuild. What this team REALLY needed (not Shumur) was another bad season that would lead to one last draft of high picks. One that could eventually lead to picking a game-changing/franchise-changing talent like Chase Young.
This guy is everything this defense needs and more

As you can see, the John Mara and Steve Tisch will have a tough decision on their hands. The Giants typically do not fire GM’s this quickly, so I expect Gettleman will be back. Having said that, if the Giants decided to totally clean house and change everything about they way they have been doing business over the last decade, Gettleman might not make it through this rebuild. There are a lot of people out there that wouldn’t be upset with that approach.

Whichever way they decide, I would like for this ownership group and this organization to be on the same page and get things turned around in the right direction. Right now, this franchise is lost and going through the worst period of football in it’s long history. They need to turn it around and they need to do it quickly.

Mr. Glass-Half-Full’s Take:

One more year. That’s what you got Getty. Boy, you better make it count. If you screws up the next draft and free agency, this whole plan of yours will have gone to shit. The franchise could be set back another decade if things fall through. The fallout from all Gettleman had done would be immense and borderline unrecoverable.

When it comes down to it, Getty has excelled in the draft for two years in a row now. Let him do what he does best. The only way to truly get this team on track is through the draft. At the very worst, he has finally given this team some solid depth through the past two drafts. He has addressed several positions with young talent. Now, he needs to go get some stars.

Give him a 3rd year, let him get a good coach in here (praying for Ron Rivera to be that guy), and let’s see where things fall after this next offseason. I am all-in on DG for one more year. Please, for the love of God, prove me right.


Mr. Glass-Half-Full

Go Big Blue

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