ReDraft Day Part II: 2010 Revisited

Folks! We’re back with Part II of the “ReDraft” series with myself and my esteemed colleagues, Mr. B and Mr. R. This time around, we ReDrafted the SOLID 2010 Draft. Maybe this kinda stuff interest you. Maybe it doesnt?

All I know is, we had some good fun doing it. We’re changing the future by going back to the past. Wild stuff, I know.

A good bit of talent in this one, from top to bottom. I will tell you one thing, this was NOT a offensive draft by any means. Not one QB or RB taken in the first round of the ReDraft says it all. This year was the year of the Defensive Tackle, with three of the big guys going in the Top 4.

Going to keep the commentary short and sweet for the people this time around. We got some things to say about each pick, so hold on to your butts. Things are about to get craaaaazy.

LAFFShows: “Hold on to Your Butts” – Indianapolis Theater Reviews
RamsRGeno Atkins
LionsBTrent Williams
BucsSNdamukong Suh
SkinsRGerald McCoy
ChiefsBEarl Thomas
SeahawksSEverson Griffen
BrownsRAntonio Brown
RaidersBRob Gronkowski
BillsSMaurkice Pouncey
JagsRDemaryius Thomas
BearsBNaVorro Bowman
DolphinsSDez Bryant
49ersREmmanuel Sanders
BroncosBJason Pierre-Paul
GiantsSKam Chancellor
TitansRJimmy Graham
PanthersBMike Iupati
SteelersSEric Berry
FalconsRCarlos Dunlap
TexansBDevin McCourty
BengalsSVictor Cruz
PatsRGolden Tate
PackersBBryan Bulaga
EaglesSSean Lee
RavensRJoe Haden
CardinalsBLinval Joseph
CowboysSRussell Okung
ChargersRJerry Hughes
JetsBBrandon Graham
VikingsSReshad Jones
ColtsRLagarette Blount
SaintsBTJ Ward
LOTTA depth to this draft

Let’s get into the commentary about each pick and the thinking behind the geniuses that made them, shall we?

#1 St. Louis Rams – Geno Atkins: “Strength of the draft is DT, so taking the future HOF. Giving Atkins a slight edge over Suh for not being a dickhead.” – R

#2 Detroit Lions – Trent Williams: “Dancing bear. Protect your franchise, Stafford, with someone to protect his blind side. Lot of draft capital spent on OL.” – B

#3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ndamukong Suh: “You can never go wrong with a big, nasty DT. Suh is an enforcer and does everything well. Need someone to get after Drew Brees and Matt Ryan up the middle.” – Mr. GHF

#4 Washington R-Words -Gerald McCoy: “Get after the QB since your QB aint shit. Ah the forgettable McNabb Skins run!” – R

#5 Kansas City Chiefs – Earl Thomas: “D needs playmakers in the secondary. Have enough to get to the QB, let the SS/FS roam free. Pin their ears back. Ball HAWK!” – B

#6 Seattle Seahawks – Everson Griffen: “Screaming off the edge up in Seattle with the opposing OL getting a late start? Match made in heaven. Dominant DE for Carroll who starts rebuilding that Seahawks defense into what it became under his watch” – Mr. GHF

#7 Cleveland Browns – Antonio Brown: “Complete Psychopath. Feels like he belongs here, but will have to compete with Mohamed Massaquoi for PT. Tough ask, but I think Brown wins out.” – R

#8 Oakland Raiders – Rob Gronkowski: “Can’t miss prospect. Need some Juice. So many holes on the roster, take the best offensive weapon for Russell (LOL). Ability to open up holes for running game and other TE when in 12, 13 personnel.” – B

#9 Buffalo Bills – Maurkice Pouncey: “Defense is set. OL is in SHAMBLES. Pouncey brings stability and anchors the OL to block for Fred Jackson and keeps Fitzmagic upright.” – MR. GHF

#10 Jacksonville Jaguars – Demaryius Thomas: “I didn’t recognize 50%+ of the players on the 2010 Jags. So, the no name team gets a name. Big man outta Georgia Tech.” – R

#11 Chicago Bears – NaVorro Bowman: “Major TWITCH. Missing piece on D? 4-3, with some average guy(s) on the outside. Need to attack ARod and that GB offense.” – B

#12 Miami Dolphins – Dez Bryant: “Dez in Miami……what could go wrong? Seriously though, pairing up Brandon Marshall and Dez is a scary thought, even if Henne is the one throwing them the ball.” – Mr. GHF

#13 San Francisco 49ers- Emmanuel Sanders: “Nice target for Mr Smith. Love Sanders longevity and production. Was a Garrapolo overthrow away from getting them a Super Bowl win in 2019.”- R

#14 Denver Broncos – Jason Pierre-Paul: “Can never have too much depth getting to the QB. Perfect for their rotation, total freak. 7/4 never happens, he is a consisent all pro. QB nightmare.” – B

#15 New York Giants – Kam Chancellor: “Legion of Boom member comes East. Fills a monster hole and finally gives the Giants someone to cover Witten. Oh, and eff you R for taking away my K-I-S-S chance, and bring JPP back home. And no, I did not rig this whole thing to get to pick for the Giants for the 2nd straight draft. FOH.” – Mr. GHF

#16 Tennessee Titans – Jimmy Graham: “Gives Rusty Smith the weapon he deserves. Rusty!” – R

#17 Carolina Panthers – Mike Iupati: “Delhomme getting older, plenty of pop at RB and WR. Solid Oline, add some depth, has fluid hips. Run the ball, control the clock, let your D go to work. Must control Brees and Co. to take division.” – B

#18 Pittsburgh Steelers – Eric Berry: “Gamechanging ballhawk on the backend in black and yellow. Pairing him with Polomalu makes this Steeler defense SCARY. Need insurance for Polomalu’s injury history. ” – Mr. GHF

#19 Atlanta Falcons – Carlos Dunlap: “Another edge guy for the perennial first round looooooozahs” – R

#20 Houston Texans – Devin McCourty: “Real cerebal. Football IQ is off the charts. SJR (St. Joseph’s Regional HS for all you non-Jersey folks). Elite group of young DL/LB’s. Just another piece to the D that is already in the top 15. Must stop Peyton and the Colts.” – B

#21 Cincinnati Bengals – Victor Cruz: “Carson needs a target post Ocho Cinco. Cruz brings the sizzle (and salsa) back to the WR spot in Cincy.” – Mr. GHF

#22 New England Patriots – Golden Tate: “Forming the dynamic Tate Brothers Wide Receiver duo (Brandon Tate being the 2nd part of this dynamic duo).” – R

#23 Green Bay Packers – Bryan Bulaga: “K-I-S-S. Must protect ARod. You run to the stage and announce this pick. Good base. Perfect for the GB weather.” – B

#24 Philadelphia Eagles – Sean Lee: “Eagles, perennially weak at LB keep Sean Lee in the NFC East. McDermott gets a great LB in the middle. This is how you know I didn’t end up rigging the draft. I had to pick for the Eagles.” – Mr. GHF

#25 Baltimore Ravens – Joe Haden: “Gets to play his fake old team twice a year. Fits in well with the Ravens toughness on defense.” – R

#26 Arizona Cardinals – Linval Joseph: “Notice a trend here? Never deep enough with guys getting to the QB. Good leverage. Big ole monster that creates havoc.” – B

#27 Dallas Cowboys – Russell Okung: “Need someone to protect Romo’s brittle ass Clavicle. This was pre-dominant Cowboys OL. Get’s the process kicked off.” – Mr. GHF

#28 San Diego Chargers – Jerry Hughes: “Good player and good value. Get someone on the other side of Shaun Phillips and that’s a dangerous pass rush to go along with a stacked offense.” -R

#29 New York Jets – Brandon Graham: “Top ranked D gets another edge guy to chase Brady. High motor. Lather, rinse, repeat.” – B

#30 Minnesota Vikings – Reshad Jones: “Beef up a strength. With Rodgers & Stafford, you need a Safety on the backend. Makes a Top 10 defense possibly Top 3.” – Mr. GHF

#31 Indianapolis Colts – LaGarrette Blount: “Peyton keeps him off the weed. Scores over 100 career TDs (estimation)” – R

#32 New Orleans Saints – T.J .Ward: “Sharper is 34 so you take a potential replacement with a ball hawk from Oregon. Trust your board. SB goes through Bourbon Street.” – B

There you have it people. Again, the different faces in different places aspect makes you wonder how things could have gone if the draft played out this way. Super Bowl winners get changed. I am talking some “Butterfly Effect” type shit.

Roast away, tell me what you think on my Twitter page (@nyspawtsguy_spi) or Facebook. We ain’t afraid to put our fake names to these picks, so come at us!

Mr. Glass-Half-Full’s IMPORTANT Giant Mock Draft:

Here it is folks. The one you Giant fans have been waiting for. After taking in the months worth of film, highlights, expert opinions, etc., I think I am qualified enough to put pen to paper (fingers to mouse) and nail this thing.

Without further ado…….this is how the draft will play out for the Giants.

I’ll be back next week to talk about the newest members of the New York Giants. Until then……


Mr. Glass-Half-Full

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