Little Midseason Giants Chattah With Mr. Glass-Half-Full

Did you guys miss me or what?! I know, I done messed up. I screwed the pooch. I wasn’t around when the going got tough and the Giants we’re struggling to post W’s through the first 8 games. I left you in your time of need. For that, I apologize (Don’t be afraid to subscribe to The Giant Guys on YouTube. We talk Giants every week!).

Just know that, I was always here. Lurking in the shadows. Waiting patiently for our boys to turn this thing around. Waiting for our fearless leader, Coach Judge, to lead the troops out of the abyss. Wouldn’t you know it, we are relevant again!

If you were truly watching, the signs were there from the beginning.

Steelers Game #1: Score was 16-10 deep into the 3rd Quarter where Jones engineered an 87-yard drive that ended with an back-breaking INT at the Steelers 4-yard line. Giants lose 26-16.

Offensive Line was playing like absolute garbage at the time. (Steelers are arguably the best team in the league at 11-0).

Bears Game #2: Giants start out down 17-0 and lose Barkley for the rest of the game/year early in the first half. The team storms back to make it 17-13 and drive all the way to the Bears 10-yard line where they could not covert a 4th down to take the lead on the last play of the game. Giants lose 17-13.

49ers Game #3: Didn’t happen.

Danny Devito No GIF by reactionseditor - Find & Share on GIPHY

Rams Game #4: In LA, down 10-9 in the 4th quarter and battling one of the better teams/offenses in the NFC to the wire. Busted coverage led to a Kupp TD with 6 minutes to go in the game. Jones drives the team down into the Rams Red Zone with under a minute left, but a fluky interception ends the game. Giants lose 17-9.

This is the game where I knew Joe Judge and Patrick Graham were the right men for the job.

Cowboys Game #5: Were beating the Cowboys 17-3 (with Dak) and up 34-31 deep into the 4th Quarter in Jerry’s World. Lose on a Game-Winning Field Goal with no time left. Giants lose 37-34.

Giants offense finally starting to wake up. Offensive Line starting to show signs of life.

First Eagles Game #7:

Buccaneers Game #8: Beating the Bucs 14-3 late in the 2nd Quarter and 14-6 at Halftime. Down 25-17 because of two MISERABLE turnovers from Danny Dimes, and DJ leads this team down the field on the final possession to get the game within 2 points on a BEAUTIFUL TD toss to Golden Tate with :28 seconds left. Missed two-point conversion on a late throw from DJ (and a TERRIBLE missed P.I. call on Antonie Winfield Jr.) leads to a 25-23 Giants loss.

The Giants were right there, so many damn times. One play here, one play there and you could be looking at a team that is over .500. The team could have folded up shop and quit at 1-7. The talks about moving on from Daniel Jones were beginning to start as the team was closer to a Top 3 pick then being in First Place. With another Quarterback-rich draft on the horizon, and DJ not living up to fans expectations, the talk was inevitable.

Then, a funny thing happened. Joe Judge and the New York Giants rallied. In a type of year that only could only happen in 2020, the New York Giants found themselves in the NFC East division race. They rattled off three straight wins against lower-level competition (Eagles fans words, not mine) to fight back and put themselves into a tie for first place at 4-7.

Daniel Jones started taking care of the ball. The much-maligned offensive line has become a force and has led the running game to shoot up the league rankings while protecting DJ better. This has all led to DJ being the QB we thought he could be. Magically, the “draft a QB” talk has gone away. Andrew Thomas, who had a VERY tough start to his rookie year and was performing the worst out of the Big Four tackles, has turned the corner as well. Suddenly, this offense is scoring nearly 24 points a game over the last 7 games, after looking totally inept to start the season. It’s almost like it was going to take some time for this offense to gel with no preseason…..

So, let’s recap. First-time head coach misses a very important offseason with a brand-new staff, due to COVID’s stupid ass. The Giants face a hard schedule through the first 8 weeks of the season and battle tough, start to get better each week, but lose several close games to go 1-7. All while losing their star running back Week 2 and firing their offensive line coach during the Bye Week (where it was wrongly reported that Judge and Colombo got into a fist-fight (which I would have paid good money to see)).

As I said, good thing it’s 2020 and crazy shit seems to be happening every week. The Giants are in a playoff race when nobody expected them to be here. In very 2020 fashion though, just when things were starting to look up for our boys in Blue, our QB1 goes down with a hamstring injury. Ya can’t make it up folks.

Yet, here we stand. With a daunting schedule remaining…

Our sweet flip-cupping, dime-throwing prince, Daniel Jones, on the shelf for at least 1 game (Dear God, do not rush back and re-injure that hammy). In the middle of a playoff race we never expected to be in (speak for yourself). What a time to be alive!

Something tells me this team isn’t going to quit. Judge won’t let ’em. Graham won’t let ’em. This team will keep fighting, like they have all season and will not go down easy. There is trash surrounding them in the division (swept Washington, Eagles stink, Cowboys stink), so…..Why Not Us? Amirite?

Buckle Up people, it should be a fun December for the first time in a long time.

Mr. Glass-Half-Full’s Take:

You want to shock the NFL world and prove that this three game winning streak wasn’t a fluke against bad competition? Go out on Sunday and put a scare into the Seattle Seahawks up in their house. Without DJ. I don’t know, maybe fuck around and win the game!

Whether they get the W or not, I think this team is going to fight until the last whistle and make the teams earn their W against them. The Giants need to get to 6 wins to give themselves a shot at this thing. It ain’t going to be easy to do with having to play potentially four playoff teams in a row to end the season against a heated rival in the Cowboys.

I am rootin’ like hell for the boys. I truly think they get 2 out of these last 5 and get to 6 wins. Does that get them in? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT GIRLS AND BOYS!


Mr. Glass-Half-Full

Go Big Blue

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